Scala certifies Shuttle Barebone DS81


Driving more than 500,000 displays with innovative content, Scala is the worldwide digital signage market leader. Today, digital signage can be found in most public areas of life. It provides information, talks to people directly and, not least, motivates potential customers to buy. From its headquarters near the US city of Philadelphia, Scala maintains partnerships with more than 500 companies in over 100 countries.

Following certification of the Shuttle Barebone DS61 in January 2014, its successor, the DS81, has now also received this important industry endorsement.

When it comes to driving displays in digital signage, there are two essential product features durability and reliability. The Shuttle Barebone DS81 offers both, as confirmed by the comprehensive Scala certification process.

The DS81 has successfully passed 300-hour stress tests with one and two active digital outputs with no loss of performance or restarts.

Further performance tests were conducted to monitor image output and video streaming at different resolutions and refresh rates. The constant monitoring of operating temperature, CPU load and power consumption confirmed that the DS81 completely lived up to its performance potential at all times.

This performance potential is based on fourth-generation Intel Core ("Haswell") processors. The DS81 even supports Core i7 processors with a maximum thermal design power (TDP) of 65 W and also offers room for up to 16GB of DDR3 memory. In addition to two slots for mini-expansion cards, USB 3.0 and Gigabit LAN ports, the DS81 has three digital video outputs able to control three monitors with different content via two DisplayPorts and HDMI. The motherboard, which comes pre-installed in a robust steel case, also accommodates an analog onboard VGA graphics output, which can be led to the outside.

The Shuttle Barebone DS81 is available now from specialist retailers Europe-wide. The recommended retail price is EUR 179.00 ex VAT.

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