New functions of the digital signage solutions NS02A and NS02E


Two models from the XPC nano family are particularly suited to providing a low-cost introduction to digital signage. Android-based players with pre-installed digital signage software are offered by Shuttle going by the model names NS02A and NS02E.

Without any great effort or special knowledge, you too can display the information or advertising content relevant to your business on large screens. The perfect environments for both the NS02A and NS02E are retail, catering, healthcare, service providers and public places. Simply use the pre-installed templates for the content of your choice, select the appropriate player/screen and transfer the content by WLAN. The configuration can be made by smartphone or tablet or alternatively even on the device directly.

Both models differ in terms of their power supply. The NS02A is supplied in the traditional way via a mains adapter (also supplied). With NS02E, by contrast, the power is supplied via the network, in other words Power-over-Ethernet (PoE injector is not supplied with the product).

An overview of all new functions:

  • Desktop application for Windows available
    The content for NS02 can now also be prepared on any desktop PC or notebook and transferred to the device with just a few mouse clicks. The DS Creator for Windows 7/10 offers all the functions that the apps for mobile devices also have.
  • DS Creator app for mobile devices with iOS
    Content maintenance and management used to be possible only on Android devices or directly on the NS02A. This is now also possible on iOS devices (smartphone or tablet). Search for “DS Creator” in the app store.
  • Schedule the display of projects
    Another new feature is the option to schedule new projects and projects that have already been created (so the content that is to be displayed). For example, different content can be scheduled on specific days of the week and at specific times.
  • Android version with enhanced rights
    Root rights are often required for individual software projects. If necessary, a specific image with the corresponding properties may be requested from Shuttle directly.
  • Now with intelligent overheating protection
    Software-controlled overheating protection is now integrated in the latest firmware versions. This safely switches off the NS02A or NS02E if ambient temperatures are too high and automatically switches it on again once it has cooled down.
  • Further translations of the user interface
    Both the operating system and the DS Creator user interface on the device and in the apps are now available in the languages of English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

Learn more about the solutions mentioned above here.

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