Large firmware update for OMNINAS KD20


Since its launch, the first Shuttle NAS model has been continuously optimised. Further updates are planned for the near future as well. Take advantage of the numerous changes in the operating system of the KD20, the so-called firmware.

The following is a selection of the most interesting modifications in the latest versions:
-The initial installation (first step) has been redesigned and greatly simplified
-The Twonky Media Server is used for the DLNA function
-The Apple File Protocol (AFP) is fully supported
-The Mac OS X restore tool "Time Machine" is supported
-Individual user directories can now be accessed via App or browser
-Additional languages are available (Dutch, Russian)
-Future firmware updates can be imported via front USB

And many more smaller and larger improvements and corrections. The update is recommended if you have been using your OMNINAS KD20 for several months already.

Tip: Prior to the update it is recommended to make a backup of the files stored on the KD20.

Updating the firmware is easy. Use the ONMINAS Finder or enter the IP address of the KD20 to access its web interface. Under "Settings" you will find the "Firmware Update" tab. Here you will see the version that is installed on your ONMINAS KD20. Should the indicated version have an earlier date than available under this address, an update will be possible. Download your new firmware here. Select the newly downloaded file in the above mentioned "Firmware Update" tab and click on "Update" button.

Note: In the event that some functions are not working properly, the KD20 should be reset to factory setting.
IMPORTANT: This step will delete all data installed on the hard drive!

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