Information about compatibility with "Haswell Refresh" processors


Processor manufacturer Intel has recently added further models to its successful Haswell processor family. This new enhanced line-up of processors goes by the name "Haswell Refresh". Shuttle products for socket LGA1150 are also compatible. We explain here which models with which BIOS version can be used.

The new "Haswell Refresh" versions have up to 3% higher clock speeds and also have minor modifications to the heat spreader to provide better heat dissipation. These processors can be installed immediately in the current Shuttle product generation even without a motherboard with H97 and Z97 chipset.

Which models from our product range for socket LGA1150 are immediately compatible with the new processors?

Mini PCs
-SZ87R6 (Intel Z87 chipset)
from BIOS version SZ87R000.201 20.3.2014
-SH87R6 (Intel H87 chipset)
from BIOS version SH87R000.201 20.3.2014
Compatible with all "Haswell Refresh" processors up to 95 W TDP
Slim PCs
-DS81 (Intel H81 chipset)
from BIOS version DS81D000.101 18.2.2014
Compatible with all "Haswell Refresh" processors up to 65 W TDP

Other LGA1150 models are in preparation.

Information correct as of: 2014-05-23

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