The PSE01 enables the EN01 to supply another network device with power via PoE

The optional Shuttle Accessory PSE01 is a daughterboard for the EN01 series which provides a second Gigabit network port with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) function. This makes the EN01 act as Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that carries both data and operating voltage to a connected network device, such as an IP camera.

  • Contents:
    - PoE daughterboard with RJ45 network connector
    - 8x standoff (4 of these have a marking)
    - Adhesive membrane
    - Quick Guide
  • Technical Data:
    LAN controller: Realtek RTL8119I supports 1 Gbps
    PoE output wattage at the LAN port: 48 Vdc, max. 0.5 A
    Supports 802.3AT & 802.3AF PoE standards
  • Recommended power adapter for EN01:
    ≥ 40 W, if the accessory PSE01 is not used
    ≥ 65 W, if the accessory PSE01 is installed
  • Compatibility:
    Compatible with the following Shuttle products:
    Shuttle Edge EN01J3, EN01J4, EN01E, EN01B
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