Shuttle ICE Genie3 (PM65)

Heatpipe cooling system for SG41J1/J4

The heatpipe cooling system Shuttle ICE Genie3 (PM65) is an optional accessory for Shuttle's XPC Barebone SG41J1/SG41J4. Users can purchase this accessory as a more efficient solution than the cooling fan which is included with the Intel boxed CPU. This ICE (Integrated Cooling Engine) technology enhances silence, stability, cooling effects and enables a comfortable working / entertaining environment.

· Fan with heatpipe: 123mm x 155mm (length x height)
· Fan only: 96mm x 64mm (length x height)
Scope of delivery
· Heatpipe module with copper pipes
·92 mm fan with cover, 4 pin connector
·4 thumb screws for the fan
·Syringe with thermal grease / compound
·Multilanguage Quick installation guide(Englich, German, French, Spanish,…)
· Compatible with Shuttle XPC Barebone SG41J1 and SG41J4 series

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