PS10 Expansion Kit for PS/2 Connectors

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PS10 is an expansion kit to add PS/2 connectors for keyboard and mouse. It can be easily installed within a few minutes on compatible Shuttle XPCs. While the traditional PS/2 ports have been replaced by two additional USB 2.0 connectors at the back panel of some of the latest Shuttle XPCs, users can still use PS/2 devices with this accessory item.


  • Model: Shuttle XPC Accessory PS10
  • Type: PS/2 port expansion kit
  • External connectors: 
    (1) PS/2 keyboard connector
    (2) PS/2 mouse connector
  • Internal connectors: 1x6 pin PS/2 onboard header
  • Cable length: ca. 34 cm
  • External attachment: 
    Port perforation at the back panel of the Shuttle XPC. 2 screws enclosed.
  • Compatibility: 
    For use with Shuttle XPCs which have an appropriate PS/2 onboard header and a port perforation at the back panel. 
    PS10 is compatible with the following Shuttle XPC Barebones:
    SG33G5/M, SG33G6 Deluxe, SG31G2/B, SG31G5, SN68SG2, SN68PTG5, SN68PTG6 Deluxe.
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