25-in-1 Card Reader USB2.0

Shuttle XPC Accessory PC23 is an internal USB 2.0 memory card reader/writer, which supports all popular and important digital formats, that are widely used on many popular applications, such as digital camera, video camcorder, PDA, IA devices, etc. Shuttle PC23 is easy to install (Plug & Play) in an open 3.5" bay of your Shuttle XPC and you will have the fastest, easiest way to transfer images, music, and data to your computer or to other memory cards. Plus, you’ll extend your digital camera’s battery life when you transfer your files from this card reader, and it is faster. With 2 changeable color panels in silver and black color the Shuttle PC23 is the perfect choice for your Shuttle XPC.


  • Supports all important card formats (25)
  • Hi Speed USB 2.0 interface - up to 480 Mb/s
  • No additional device driver needed under Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Standard 3.5" drive bay installation
  • 3 changeable color panels - black, white and silver
  • LED indicator for read/write activity
  • USB bus powered - no external power required



  • Model: Shuttle PC23
  • Type: internal multi format card reader/writer
    for the 3.5 inch bay
  • Compatibility:
    Kompatible to all Shuttle XPC with 3.5" drive bay
  • 4 Sockets:
    1. SD/MMC (Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard)
    2. MS (Memory Stick)
    3. SM SmartMedia)
    4. CF Type I/II (CompactFlash)
  • Supports all important card formats:
    1. Secure Digital™ (SD 1.1)
    2. Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC, SD2.0)
    3. Mini Secure Digital (mini-SD™) *
    4. Multi Media Card™ (MMC)
    5. MMC DualVoltage
    6. Reduced-Sized Multi Media Card (RS-MMC) *
    7. RS-MMC DualVoltage  *
    8. Transflash™ *
    9. Micro SD *
    10. Memory Stick™ (MS)
    11. MS-DUO *
    12. MS-PRO
    13. MS-PRO DUO *
    14. MS-Memory Select Function
    15. MS ULTRA II
    16. MS ROM
    17. Magic Gate™ MS
    18. Magic Gate MS Pro
    19. Magic Gate MS-DUO*
    20. Magic Gate MS-PRO DUO *
    21. Micro Memory Stick™* (M2)
    22. Compact Flash I ™ (CFI)
    23. Compact Flash II ™ (CFII)
    24. IBM Microdrive™ (MD)
    25. Smart Media™ Card (SM)

    * Adaptor required for mini size card

  • Two front panels included:
    2 changeable front panel included: black and silver
  • Interface: Internal USB 2.0 interface
    Transfer speed up to 480 Mb/s
    USB 1.1 backward compatible (up to 12 Mb/s)
    Support USB v2.0 specification and USB Device Class Definition 
    for Mass Storage, Bulk-Transport v1.0
  • LED indicator
    The LED indicates read/write activity
  • OS Support: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X
    Mass storage class driver support
    No additional drivers needed
    (note: please connect PC23 after the OS installation) 
  • Size/Installation:
    Standard 3.5" drive bay installation
  • Power Supply:
    +5V DC, powered directly from USB port
    no external power supply required
  • Controller
    Integrated USB 2.0 Transceiver Macro cell Interface (UTMI) transceiver 
    and Serial interface Engine
    Hardware DMA engine integrated for performance enhancement
  • Package contents:
    3.5" card reader, 2 changeable front panels (black and silver), 
     USB cable (for 5 pin USB header on the mainboard)

* means: card adapter is required, which is usually already provided with the cards

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