Smart budget solution for simple tasks

The Shuttle K-Series K450VA PC system is a great choice for basic computing needs such as office applications and web surfing in the business or home segment. It is a small and stylish PC platform with low power consumption that seamlessly integrates into a network using its Ethernet or an optional WLAN interface. This affordable entry-level platform with preinstalled OpenSUSE Linux operating system targets SME, corporate, public and educational institutions. Easily set up an ideal second home PC to manage any simple everyday applications in a snap while banking on Shuttle's high reliability.

  • Recommended range of application: Business
  • System based on: the Shuttle K-Series Barebone K45
  • Operating system: OpenSUSE Linux, powered by Novell
  • Chassis: K-type aluminum chassis, color: black
    dimensions: 28 x 19 x 17 cm (LWH)
  • Processor:  
    Intel® Pentium Dual Core E2220
    Core frequency: 2x 2.4GHz
    Processor socket 775
    L1-Cache: 2x32kB, L2-Cache: 2x 512kB
    Instruction sets: MMX, SSE3, Execution-Disable (XD-Bit) Thermal-Monitor 2, Enhanced Halt State (C1E), Speedstep (EIST), 64 Bit (EM64T)
    FSB frequency: 800 MHz (quad-pumped)
    Processor core: Conroe-L, 65nm
    Max. power consumption:65 watts (TDP)
  • Cooling Technology
    Big 92mm chassis fan at the rear side and Intel-boxed processor cooler 
    Temperature-controlled RPM fan speed (Smart fan technology)
  • Chipset: Intel® 945GC Express Chipset (MCH, Northbridge) + ICH7 (Southbridge)
  • Hard disk: 80GB Serial ATA II hard disk, 3.5" format
  • Memory:
    1GB DDR2-800 (2x 512MB modules)
  • Integrated Graphics
    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA950)
    with PCI-E x1 improved bandwidth, features 333MHz graphics core
    DX8/DX9 support and enhanced 3D performance
    Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) 3.0
    Shared Memory max. 224MB
    Analog 15 pin Sub-D VGA video out connector
  • 5.1-channel audio
    Audio Realtek® ALC 662 6-channel High-Definition Audio
    Three analog audio connectors (3.5mm) at the Back-Panel: 
    1) Front Line out (head phone)
    2) Rear Surround line-out (shared with microphone input)
    3) Center line-out (shared with Line in)
  • LAN Controller
    Gigabit Ethernet network controller (Marvell 8056)
    Supports 10/100/1000 MBit/s operation
    RJ45 back panel connector
    Supports Wake-on-LAN function and
    PXE (Preboot Execution Environment)
  • Front Panel buttons and LEDs
    Power button
    Power indicator (LED)
    HDD indicator (LED)
  • Back Panel connectors
    D-sub VGA Video out
    4x USB 2.0
    RJ45 LAN connector
    PS/2 keyboard connector
    PS/2 mouse connector
    Serial COM port
    Parallel port
    Audio Front Line out (head phone)
    Auido Rear Surround line-out (shared with microphone input)
    Audio Center line-out (shared with Line in)
  • Empty slots: 1x PCI (32 bit)
  • Power supply
    100 Watt Flex ATX power supply unit 
    Input voltage range: 100~240V AC, 47~63 Hz
    Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
    EMI Certified: FCC, CE, BSMI
    Safety Certified: UL, TÜV, CB
    Power plug region specific, 40 mm cooling fan sensor control
  • Further configuration options
    It is possible to modify certain components of this system. 
    Please refer to the "Shuttle Systems Configurator".
  • Warranty: 24 Months Bring-In-Service
  • Conformity
    This device is classed as a technical information
    equipment (ITE) in class B and is intended for use in
    living room and office. The CE-mark approves the
    conformity by the EU-guidelines:
    - EMV-guideline 89/336/EWG electromagnetic tolerance
    - LVD-guideline 73/23/EWG use of electric devices
    within certain voltage-limits
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