Compact Format

What looks small from the outside is big on the inside: Shuttle Mini PCs work with latest energy-saving technologies and also the fastest components. Shuttle Mini PCs fit into the smallest of spaces due to its compact measurements. However it would be a shame to hide it there. Make room for it on your desk! Or in the living room. Let others be involved in your purchase.

Attractive Design

Pure aluminium – wherever the eye looks. Processed to high quality with the know-how of the mini PC pioneer. Intricately finished, with brushed surfaces and multi painted housing covers. And fitted with a lot of love for detail: customise the look of your Shuttle Mini PC to your own needs. You will never buy a standard PC off the shelf again ...

Always Well Cooled

Even under stress: stay cool. How well can you do that? Shuttle Mini PCs are maintained at an optimum level by means of an intelligent cooling system. It operates discreetly in the background at a low noise level – anytime. Inconspicuous and discreet – when you need it letting you recognise the true professionals.


Your new Mini PC connects any peripherals easily thanks to its high connectivity and convinces with a vast array of connectors. The bump on the head was hopefully the last – modern Mini PCs stand on the desk and not underneath. Digital photos and music can be transferred to a USB stick so much faster. Shuttle Mini PCs can accomodate several hard drives for generous memory space.

Their aluminium housing makes Shuttle Mini PCs so light that they travel with you very easily. Get your hands on a Shuttle carrying bag and increase mobility even more. Take your Shuttle Mini PC to school or work or even on your summer holidays.

Highly Versatile

Shuttle Mini PCs not only master your everyday office work. Thanks to its powerful equipment it is set to conquer the living rooms and is easily able to replace various single stand-alone devices – including DVD/Blu-ray player, video recorder, games console and music stereo. Instead of many bulky devices you will only need one – a Shuttle Mini PC.

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