TV/DVI adaptor card

The SiS TV/DVI-Out card CV20 transforms your XPC into your personalize TV station. It supports dual-display features. TV and display independent resolutions, color depths and frame rates different from the primary VGA chip. It receives digital video signals and control signals from the primary VGA chip then transforms them into composite, S or component video output for TV display, TMDS TM signals for LCD display and analog RGB signals for secondary CRT display.


  • Supports PAL and NTSC Systems.
  • Supports Composite, S-Video, and Component R/G/B Output Signals for DVI
  • Supports Component YUV Output for HiVision TV
  • Supports Macrovision Copy Protection Process Rev. 7.1.L1
  • Supports TV/Primary VGA Independent Display Resolution and Frame Rate at Enhanced Mode
  • Provides Adaptive 6-Line Anti-Flicker Filtering.
  • Provides Hardware Interpolation for Programmable Under-Scan/Over-Scan Adjustment.
  • Provides Programmable Display Position Adjustment / Notch Filter for Cross Color Elimination.
  • Provides Programmable
  • Provides Chrominance Filter for Cross Luminance Elimination
  • Provides Edge Enhancement Function for Better Text Quality.
  • Provides Gamma Correction Independent of That of Primary VGA.
  • Auto-Sense of TV Connection


  • SiS301MV chipset AGP TV-Out
  • Support PAL and NTSC Systems
  • Support Composite, S-Video, and DVI output Signals
  • Support maximum input active resolution of PAL and NTSC system for TV Output at 800*600
  • Support maximum display resolution through digital video interface for LDC output at 1280*1024@60Hz
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