38 mm thin, loaded with enthusiasm: HD-compatible 1-litre PC without fan
If something appears in a further edition, then it must have been very well received. The second version of the XS35 model series qualifies for this privilege. The Barebone XS35GTV2 follows in the footsteps of its successful predecessor and is now being presented with a more powerful processor, support for DDR3 memory and a faster network interface. The proven properties of the first version have remained untouched. The XS35GTV2 makes use of the next-generation NVIDIA ION graphics card and offers an HDMI interface in addition to a VGA connector making it child’s play to connect it to flat screen monitors and television sets. This also allows HD films to be played back fluently from the hard disk, the internet or a Blu-ray drive. This power-saving PC completely does away with intrusive fans so that you can enjoy your favourite films even more.
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