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Les nouveautés du catalogue Shuttle

Les nouveaux produits lancés par Shuttle sont indiqués sur cette page

X500V (configurable)

The X500V All-in-One PC is based on the Linux operating system, energy-saving technologies and an innovative control concept. The latest version of openSUSE Linux, Intel Atom 330 dual-core processor (2x 1.6 Ghz) and a 15.6" (39.6 cm) touchscreen characterise this gem which is just 3.6 cm thin. Forget about keyboard and mouse – the X500V can be controlled with finger or stylus. A webcam, WLAN, microphone and speakers are pre-installed. Expansion with additional programme packages is possible with 1-click installation from the openSUSE website. A 24-month bring-in service is also available in a warranty case.


It's immediately obvious that this model is different to the Barebone K45. Shuttle has added a slimline optical drive to the K45SE. The DVD±RW burner is integrated unobtrusively into the front panel. As with the Shuttle Barebone K45 this variant is also ideally suitable for basic computer needs in the office or at home. The entire Shuttle K series offers a small and stylish platform that can be integrated optimally into a network – optionally via Wireless LAN. Apart from home use, the main target groups for this affordable budget model are small and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies and educational establishments.

G2 7600B (configurable)

This complete system, based on the XPC Barebone SA76G2, houses cutting-edge components within its black aluminium casing at an attractive price. The greatest possible compatibility is ensured for the long term through support of many AM2, AM2+ and AM3 processors from AMD. One PCI and PCI Express slot each and a large number of USB ports offer room to grow. If a suitable ATI graphics card is used, then up to four monitors can be connected. The XPC G2 7600B relies on the proven heatpipe cooling system for quiet operation and highest stability.


Le Shuttle XPC barebone SA76G2 est basé sur le chipset AMD RS760/SB710, qui permet l'intégration aussi bien des tous derniers processeurs pour socket AM3 que ceux pour AM2 ou AM2+. Il est également capable d’accueillir jusqu'à 8 Go de mémoire vive DDR2, ou bien grâce à une carte graphique supplémentaire, de fournir un affichage sur quatre écrans simultanément. Un montage rapide est rendu possible grâce au pré-câblage des principaux composants.

H7 5800P (configurable)

The search for the fastest Mini-PC has now come to an end. The Shuttle H7 5800P Complete System shines through not only due to the high-quality coating of its casing but it also leaves no doubt as to its superior performance. The Intel Core i7 processor, DDR3 memory, 2x Gigabit-network and many different connections set the benchmark here. Brand-new graphics cards guarantee a fluid display.

X 5000TA

Le X 5000TA associe une ergonomie innovante à une faible consommation d'énergie. Un écran tactile de 15,6'' et le processeur Intel Atom 330 Dual-Core (2 x 1,6 GHz) définissent la base de cette nouveauté technologique de 3,6 cm d'épaisseur. Particulièrement pratique, il est équipé du standard VESA permettant le montage sur un bras articulé ou un support mural. Il est immédiatement fonctionnel avec Windows Vista pré-installé. Le All-in-one PC de Shuttle : un concept global et complet.

X 5000T (configurable)

The Shuttle all-in-one PC X 5000T is barely 3.6cm thin and opens up new ways of PC operation. Have applications start up by just touching its 15.6 inch panel or by using the included stylus. Also included are wifi, a webcam, speakers and microphone. The X 5000T helps you cut your power bill, as the built-in Intel Atom dual-core 330 processor works highly energy-efficient. Just choose the components suitable for you - and Shuttle builds your individual X 5000T tailored to your requirements.

X270V (configurable)

Operation System Penguins breathe again. The low energy requirements of the Shuttle X270V Complete System with openSUSE Linux and Intel Atom Dual-Core processor make it an environmentally-friendly device. And even more positive is that its low energy consumption is also reflected in your own wallet. Just make a choice regarding memory size, hard disk size and optional DVD writer, then experience the diversity of the internet through the integrated Gigabit network interface and use the simple, daily applications in the office or at home. The X270V always stays whisper-quiet.


This new flagship spearheads Shuttle's squad of high-performance Mini-PCs. It is based on the Intel X58 Express Chipset making to ready to run Intel Core i7 processors for the first time. A fast processor is of course nothing without a lot of memory. Up to 16GB of blazingly fast DDR3 modules are supported by four DIMM slots. To complement this, the SX58H7 already comes supplied with two Gigabit network connectors. Concentrated performance in a small space - so even applications from the professional sector as well as brand-new games do not present any problem at all for the XPC Barebone SX58H7.

H7 4500H (configurable)

Finally something for everyone. It looks decidedly good, easily fits anywhere and will totally convince you by how much it can do. The search for your optimum home solution is now at an end. Shuttle’s Home-Media model range combines technical highlights and a wide functional scope within a small space and is ideally suited for digital photos, videos, internet and email, Office and the occasional game. From your very own living room you will experience big cinema with the best image and sound quality. This will definitely impress your neighbours.


Le pingouin respire enfin. Le système complet Shuttle X270VA avec openSUSE et un processeur Intel Atom Dual-Core consomme très peu d'énergie et contribue ainsi à la protection de notre environnement. Sa faible consommation d'énergie est clairement un point positif dont le porte-monnaie pourra témoigner. Avec 1 Go de mémoire DDR2, un disque dur de 160 Go et un graveur DVD, le X270VA a toutes les cartes en main! Plongez dans l'internet grâce à la connexion réseau Gigabit intégrée et utilisez confortablement vos applications de tous les jours que ce soit au bureau ou à la maison. Le X270VA n'en restera pas moins silencieux.


With its size of only 32.5 x 22 x 21 cm (DWH), this Mini-PC Barebone in the H7-Design also accommodates the fastest Intel Core 2 processors with two or four cores. Up to 16 GB DDR2-800 memory and three SATA2 hard disks can be installed. This XPC Barebone SP45H7 uses the Intel P45 Express chipset and comes supplied with Gigabit-LAN and many different connection options. Specific options in the BIOS enable excellent opportunities to fine-tune the clock cycle and voltage. The XPC Barebone SP45H7 will totally win you over right down the line – whether as a workstation in a professional environment or with large graphics cards as a gaming cube.

D 1416S (configurable)

Observe areas with up to 16 cameras at a glance and enlarge every camera image by the touch of your fingers. The high frame rate means that you will never lose sight of things. Combined with a large hard disk it can record video signals over a long period so that the recorded material can also be watched afterwards. The VGA-output also connects the D 1416 to large screens. Its slim dimensions enable this system to be used in the smallest of spaces.


The ultra-compact Shuttle Barebone X27D comes with an integrated Dual Core Intel Atom processor. Its visual appearance shines with coated surfaces and mirrored plates. The optical drive and front panel connectors are elegantly concealed behind drive doors to provide maximum protection. This tiny tot with barely 7cm in height and a volume of 3 litres comes up with DVI, support for DDR2 memory and SATA2 as well as a vast array of interfaces and connectors. Ideal for use with internet and office applications.


The spread of HD-compatible flat screens is continuing. In this Mini-PC Barebone you will find your ideal partner to digitally transfer images and sound at the highest quality through the HDMI interface. This Mini-PC made of aluminium easily meets the highest of standards in the playback of films on Blu-ray media and the Intel G45 Express chipset enables the use of the latest Multi-Core processors. Away from the high-definition playback, this platform can also be used to run very routine applications at maximum speed.


The Shuttle XPC Barebone SP35P2 is designed for users who have exceptional demands in terms of system performance, hardware and future compatibility. As a result, it features an especially high performance Intel P35 Express chipset and supports the latest generation of 45 nm dual core and quad core processors with 1333 MHz system bus. A particularly efficient, 80 PLUS certified 400-Watt power supply takes care of this black powerhouse without compromising its performance. This aluminium SFF PC, through its integrated PCI Express X16 slot, supplies all the bandwidth necessary to accommodate the quickest graphics cards and, thereby, run professional graphics applications and complex 3D games.

X 2700B (configurable)

Shuttle’s ultra-compact Mini-PC comes with a Dual Core Intel Atom processor and looks pretty good too. Coated surfaces and mirrored plates which conceal the drives and connectors will totally captivate you. The high-quality finish plays its part in this too. Occupying space of only 7 cm and a volume of 3 litres, the tiny tot with DDR2-memory, SATA2 and a large number of interfaces is a technical trump-card. As a versatile Mini-PC in the office or as a second PC within your own four walls, you soon won’t want to be without it.

D 1000H (configurable)

A new touchscreen display integrated into the panel is the revolutionary option for the management of multimedia content and applications. Your finger replaces the input devices. Touching the display starts programs and executes commands. Shuttle D 1000H can be configured with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with FSB 1333 and up to 4 GB DDR2 memory. A gigabit network, USB, multi-channel audio and a PCI-Express X1 slot for an optional TV tuner card nicely finish off the offer.


A new touchscreen display integrated into the panel is the revolutionary option for the management of multimedia content and applications. Your finger replaces the input devices. Touching the display starts programs and executes commands. The Intel G31 Express chipset enables the use of Intel Core 2 Duo Processors with FSB 1333. The two sockets can hold up to 4 GB DDR2 memory. A gigabit network, USB, multi-channel audio and a PCI-Express X1 slot nicely finish off the offer.


Séduisant, silencieux, d'un prix extrêmement avantageux et équipé d'un berceau pour périphériques de 5,25". La série K de Shuttle s'enrichit du Barebone K48 conçu pour les applications simples comme la navigation Internet ou la bureautique. De nombreux contenus prennent de l'embonpoint sur les réseaux - le Barebone K48 est équipé d'une interface Gigabit-LAN et peut ainsi aborder les échanges à haute vitesse. Une interface WIFI est aussi proposée en option. La face avant est interchangeable individuellement en un clin d'œil. Le K48, Shuttle Barebone de la série K est à de nombreux égards un choix idéal pour les applications simples, qu'elles soient professionnelles ou privées comme la lecture de médias numériques.
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La série K est la meilleur marché des séries de modèles Mini-PC de Shuttle. La série K est idéale pour la bureautique et les applications simples de tous les jours.
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