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SilentX Technology

Shuttle's "Super Quiet, Super Cool" SilentX technologies are designed to provide optimal ergonomics and performance. SilentX incorporates the following components:

Integrated Cooling Engine and Heatpipe Technology

Shuttle's XPCs offer the power of a desktop PC in a form factor one-third the size. In order to ensure proper airflow inside a smaller unit, more advanced cooling technologies have been developed and implemented in the Shuttle XPC.

Evolution of the I.C.E.

The Integrated Cooling Engine included with the current Shuttle XPCs improves on the previous XPC I.C.E. design. The I.C.E. module’s thermal resistance has been decreased to an amazing 0.16º C/W (1). This is less half the thermal resistance of first generation Shuttle XPCs and only one-third that of Intel’s BTX standard. Further, the heat exchange surface area has been increased as have the number of radiator fins. Lastly, it sports a generous 92mm cooling fan to quietly push more air out the back of the case.

Smart Fan Control

To further improve Shuttle XPC thermal and acoustic performance, Shuttle XPC’s include Smart Fan functionality to intelligently monitor and control the cooling fans. Smart Fan incorporates linear control metrics to provide optimal cooling. Under normal conditions, Smart Fan keeps the fan speed low, minimizing acoustic noise. When the load increases, Smart Fan increases the fan speed to provide optimal cooling.

SilentX Power Supply

Learn more about the "Super Quiet, Super Cool" power supply units.

Intelligently-engineered airflow mechanics

Learn more about it.

Mechanical Damping

Mechanical damping is a simple yet highly-effective technique to reduce the overall noise of the Shuttle XPC.

Are Shuttle XPCs Silent?

Shuttle XPCs are supposed to be eyecatchers and not a source of noise in the background. The SilentX technology helps Shuttle manage this challenge and make Shuttle XPCs even acoustically the ideal center of digital life right in your living room.

Know-how: dB and Sone

Learn more about dB and Sone
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