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Press reviews about the Monitor XP17

CD Info Germany: Highend eye-catcher +++ Recommendation!

CD Info magazine Germany
issue October 2004, page 107

(...) due to its elegant design with metal frame it cuts a fine figure on each desk (...) very easy and comfortable to carry. (...) In connection with the compact PCs of the manufacturer, the XP17 is not only suitable for the mobile work, but also as monitor for exhibitions or LAN partys. (...)

Our test sample convinces with a clear and contrast-rich image, a constant contrast and color (...) the image geometrics was exceptional, therefore this monitor is also recommended for demanding graphics applications. (...) We would like to point out the good response time which is a plus for multimedia and gaming use.

Conclusion: The Shuttle XP17 is recommended because of both, the good technical quality and the performance characteristics. The stylish display  convinces especially in regards to multimedia use and gaming applications.


PC Games Hardware: TFT monitor for mobile and gaming use

PC Games Hardware (Germany)
Issue 10/2004, page 36

"The main feature of the XP17 is a handle at the top side of the LC-Display", was the first reaction of the PC Games Hardware editors. They noticed: "That is not the only way to carry it, the producers provide a carrying bag." Another protection is the "glass panel, which protects against external influence". But it aren't just the design and the good transport possibilities, that convinced, it was also the technology. The good performance of the 17 inch LCDs are the "color brilliance, image definition and the contrast". In the conclusion are "carrier handle, the fitness of gaming and the image definition" praised with a valuation of 2,19. "The Shuttle XP17 is a felicitous monitor for the mobile mission".
+ Carring handle
+ Sharp image
+ Useful for gaming


The Inquirer UK: I was impressed with the display design

The Inquirer (UK)
10. Sept. 2004

[Shuttle] can easily claim that it's the SFF (Small Form Factor) PC leader. Its design is irresistible especially to girls with taste and it keeps providing features for those machines that you could only dream about a few years back. Now you have Small factor PC with card reader, 300 W PSU even W lan if you need it any many connectivity port. It sure did a good job but it wanted to go even further. Shuttle decided to offer a display that could match its XPC design but still offer quality. Thatís how the XP17 was born. (...) I was impressed with the display design. Apart from being very good looking, Shuttle made a unique aluminium handle that fits perfectly into the design and supports the base of the display. Other part of aluminium frame is supporting back base of the display and can help you adjust your viewing angle. I was impressed how stable this display was at all times and all angles as that was not my first impression when I unpacked it. Well, I was wrong. You can also rotate this display 90 degrees counter clock wise and have an A4 kind of display and this looks really cool. All you have to do is to rotate the aluminium frame and thatís it. You need a graphic card that supports it but most of Nvidia and ATI cards do. (...) My primary concern about this display was how it is going to handle games. I discovered that games like Doom 3 and some other titles I run at it havenít got any problems. You cannot tell the real difference from CRT display and you won't miss it. (...) As for working with office applications you won't need to adjust at all. In Word you will be able to zoom to 200 per cent at 1280x1024 and still be able to see crystal clear letters. Its picture quality is perfect, very pleasing to see that kind of sharpness. (...) we have to admit that this is not an ugly plastic case designed display, you have to pay for design and functionality. (...) Conclusion: I like it. (...) If you have a Shuttle XPC this will be your perfect match and we just wonder when we are going to see Shuttle's own keyboard to match this design.


Spiele - Filme - Technik (SFT): "Flat and mobile: XP17"

Spiele-Filme-Technik (SFT)
Issue October 2004
"The portable 17 inch flat-screen looks also pretty on tour" state the editors of SFT. The fly weight of 4.5 kilograms and the integrated elegant handle make the transport a lot easier and more impervious to shocks. Moreover, "colors, sharpness and contrast are excellent" that leads to "optimal graphics performance and resolution" according to SFT. All these qualities mixed with a surpassing response time make it ready for gaming without restrictions and a real eyecatcher!


Performance: good
Equipment: good
Design: very good

Total rating: good

SFT pronounce the XP17 a mobile designer flatscreen with high image-quality. Flat-screen for Gamers and Design-Fans
"The XP17 is Shuttle's first flat-screen for gamers. The display has a quick response time, it is robust and equipped with a handle.", that is how describes the German website the new monitor from Shuttle. "With its featherweight of 4.7 kilograms and its elegant, integrated handle, the monitor is easy to transport and a thick plastic plate protects it from damages." But there are also some very good performance data which must be considered, too: "A response time of 14 milliseconds is very good" and "also the contrast and brightness values make the XP17 score". Furthermore, the only 23 millimeter flat-screen is ready for office - "it has a very practical and flexible stand that makes it be tilted or turned in 90 degrees. This way texts and schedules can be displayed upright." Moreover, the XP17 is very cost-effective in operation, it only consumes 27 Watt and in sleep-mode just 1.8 Watt.


"Daytime office professional and nighttime entertainer: the XP17 is Shuttle's succeeded start in the LCD-market, the display is best for games, films and use in office."


Personal Computer World: "A stylish screen, with good image quality"

Personal Computer World UK
Issue October 2004
"Available from mid-September, Shuttle's 17in flat-screen monitor is designed to accompany its range of XPCs. The company's small form factor PCs are modern looking (Ö). The XP17 follows the same trend; it's stylish and designed to be portable, with an aluminium handle and optional shoulder carry bag for easy transport. While you wouldn't want to lug it around for lengthy periods, its size and weight do make it easy to carry." (Ö) "We were impressed by the overall image quality. The screen was bright and clear, the antiglare was effective, and the 16ms response time coped well with a variety of moving images."

-Good screen; anti-glare; looks

A clear, bright screen that goes well with the latest Shuttle XPCs.


Hardware Excellent Product Award

24. August 2004


"This monitor provides a very sharp, clear and pleasant picture, no matter if you are hunting terrorists in CS, are running away from Lost Souls in Doom 3 screaming (or running away from screaming Lost Souls?), are trying to write a delayed article or simply surfing the Internet. (...) However, I can fully understand why people falls in love and swears to TFT's after they've used them for a while - I really fear when I have to endure my old CRT again."


+ Nice, clear, calm, stable picture with splendid contrast. 
+ Physically easy to adjust and install
+ Good wide viewing angle


PC Magazin: first-rate design, rating: good

PC Magazin Deutschland
comparison 17-inch TFT LCDs
issue 9/2004, page 66~77
Shuttle creates their first monitor XP17 for the mobile use. Thus, the target group includes business people who are often on a trip and above all: gaming people, who want to carry then monitor to the LAN party. Around the monitor chassis is a metal frame, which is used as stand at the bottom and has an integrated handle at the top. The front is made of tempered safety glass, which protects the screen against damage. Shuttle offers a carring bag as accessory, which covers the XP17 against scratches. (...) The switching time is extremely fast even in the middle area (...) final rating: good. Elegant, sleek design and extremely portable
12. August 2004
[Other monitors with competitive pixel response times] come with a considerably larger footprint with their bulky bases. The XP17's strong suit is definitely its elegant, sleek design. It has a very compact form factor and is extremely portable. Image quality wise, the XP17 is about on par with many of the latest high end 17" LCDs on the market. (...) In general, we'd say Shuttle hit the mark with a nice combination of elegance and function in the XP17. (...)


Toms Hardware Guide: Beautifully designed - the technical data speaks for itself

Toms Hardware Guide
4. August 2004
A must: barebones and TFTs simply belong together

Shuttle launched a 17-inch TFT to match the XPC barebone. The beautifully designed display also works when turned 90į. The carrying handle can be used to take the light 7 kg XP17 display anywhere. The technical data speaks for itself. For example, the response time of the TFT is 16 ms while using the maximum true color resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

XP17 TFT: think about Christmas now and add it to your wish list

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