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Press reviews about SV25


PC Achat France: A PC as small as a box for shoes

PC Achat magazine France
issue June 2002, page 72
A PC as small as a box for shoes
This tiny case contains a mainboard and makes it possible to setup an extremly compact PC.
If you want design a small PC, then SV25 is suitable for you. (...) The connectivity is very good: serial and parallel interfaces, four USB connectors - two of them at the front, two firewire, TV out, LAN and VGA. SV25 has an innovative and stylish design, made from aluminum and has even a PCI slot, you can insert an additional card like e.g. modem or graphics.


PC Fun France

PC Fun France
August/Sept. 2002, Numéro 6, page 25
 no translation


PCPlus U.K.: We've seen full towers that offer less...

PCPlus U.K.
Issue 193, Sept. 2002, page135
Fed up with huge beige boxes? Try this tiny silver one instead...
(...) This case is really quite tiny (...) However, just because the case is small, it doens't mean the system is lacking in features. In fact, it's quite the opposite. (...) We've seen full towers that offer less. (...) It is obvious that a lot of thought has been put into the SV25's design, something lacking from some towers. (...) it could easily become a file server or MP3 jukebox tucked away under the stairs.

Specification: 10
Quality: 10
Performance: 9
Value for money: 8
Overall: 9 out of 10


IT Reviews U.K.: It's hard to beat this tiny desktop system...

IT Reviews UK
April, 24th 2002
Tulip C3 Review (with SV25):

(...) one look at the rear panel shows what really matters - connectivity. Despite its small size the C3 offers more ports than you'll ever see on a normal sized desktop - mouse, keyboard, serial, VGA, S-Video, parallel, composite video, dual 1394 FireWire, LAN, audio in, audio out - the list is huge. These are all handled by the Shuttle FV24 motherboard which uses VIA's ProSavage PL133 chipset and also supports a single PCI slot. (...) For sheer cuteness it's hard to beat this tiny desktop system.


DinoXPC Italy: A beautiful "piece of art"

DinoXPC Italy (Italian language)
February, 24th 2002

Final Rating: 8/10

Shuttle SV25 MiniPC is a beautiful "piece of art" to be put on the top of your desk (and not hidden as a common pc!). It offers, as integrated system, everything you need! USB ports, firewire IEEE1394, LAN, Audio, TV, VGA etc ... and it sports a free PCI slot too, that could be useful if we intend to install an internal board (like a 3D PCI accelerator), or other.

(...) it has also been very intelligent to place two Dimm SDR slots. A single slot, in fact, could be a big limit.

Pros: Absolute compatibility with external peripherals, Two SDR Dimm slots, Very easy to work inside the chassis, Perfect integration of a multitude of components, Good "how to deal with installation" manual, Normal performances, There are Usb and Audio ports either in the front and back of the case, Very small case, Look, Adequate bios, Adequate price Sweden: Editor's Choice Award (Sweden)
28. March 2002
"Editor's Choice" award
Rating 4 out of 5

The unit is ideal for todays professional workstations, and when combined with a small and clear TFT, it's the given choice. The product can offer all functions that you might need, except for 3D-games, but that can be fixed with a PCI-card for graphics, if you have that need.


Alt om Data Denmark

Alt om Data - Danish magazine
Issue 4/2002 page 50
product description
No translation available.
Danish language .


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PC Achat France
PC Fun France
PCPlus U.K.
IT Reviews U.K.
DinoXPC Italy Sweden
Alt om Data Denmark

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