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  • Mini-Aluminium-Barebone-System
  • Socket 478 supports 400FSB
  • Chipset: SiS 650 / SiS 961
  • 2x PCI, 2x DDR266/200, 6x USB 1.1
  • 6-Channel-Audio, LAN, Firewire and much more



Press reviews about SS50

Subchapters: France: Sélection Award - 9/10

Clubic France
25. July 2002

Clubic award : "Sélection Clubic" - 9/10
How not to be enchanted by Shuttle SS50? (...) the design of this small machine is really very tempting. At least, you have a 5.1 system able to read both DVD, DivX or VideoCD support. Thus this machine can be used as a powerful office station or even, with some modifications, an machine for LAN gaming. Thanks to its good TV-out, it is possible to use it with a television in order to make a peripheral close to those "Web-TVs". It can also become a very interesting
digital VCR and I am sure that many other uses can be found to it. (...)


PC Press Yugoslawia: Nice and contains almost everything!

PC Press Yugoslawia
Issue 81, Sept. 2002, page 60
Translation: (...) The mainboard is fitted into a nicely designed box-shaped housing (with dimensions 20x18x28 cm), and contains almost everything necessary for an average PC. First and most important is the integrated SiS315 graphic chip with modest possibilities, but he can accomplish almost all day-to-day office jobs. This chip also offers TV-out possibilities; owners of digital cameras will be thrilled with two FireWire (IEEE1394) ports. Besides a graphic adapter integrated into the Northbridge, this motherboard also contains a CMI8738 sound chip and a RTL8139 10/100 Mbps LAN adapter. This sound chip has support for 5.1 sound, and the network adapter has BootROM onboard, which means that this PC can be booted from a network location. As far as other connectors are considered, you can find two serial ports (...)


Digital Magazine Yugoslawia: Less than micro!

Digital magazine Yugoslawia
Issue Sept/2002, page 50
Less Than Micro (Translation)
(...) The small form factor case in which this computer arrives is by 2/3 lower and by 1/3 narrower then the normal ATX case we are used to and it is completely made out of high quality aluminium. (...) As a result of raw processor power and amount of system memory, Windows XP on this system operates smoothly and flolessly on this system. (...) Although the mainboard features great number of integrated components, it still boasts great overclocking potential. We managed to increase the CPU operating speed to 1.84 GHz (...) this system is built by the world recognized manufacturer and it features FireWire support, and latest Intel Processors. This system can show its best when used in office type applications, but results achieved in 3D Mark show some gaming potential. A great solution!
27. July 2002
Overall this is a great solution..
"It has almost every feature available for a PC in a small space saving aluminum case. It is cost efficient for a lower TCO."


Next Magazine Latvia: Gute Wahl für extravagante Wohnung

Next magazine Latvia
Issue Nr. 6/2002, page 32
Moderner Homecomputer
Übersetzung: Sieht man auf das Computergehäuse, da bleibt einem gar nichts übrig, als sich zu wundern, wie es möglich ist, einen so kleinen Kasten mit so vielen Gegenständen zu bestücken. Auch äußerlich sieht dieses silberne Gehäuse einfach ausgezeichnet aus. (...) Verwendbarkeit: Der Computer ist ziemlich leistungsstark und ist für die Arbeit mit Office-Applications sowie als Unterhaltungsmedienzentrum - Bearbeitung und Betrachtung von Bildaufnahmen und Videomaterialien - geeignet. (...) Fazit: Dieses PC-Set ist eine gute Wahl für eine extravagante Wohnung. Er würde auch gut auf dem Direktor-Schreibtisch aussehen. (...) 

Up to date homecomputer
If you look at the PC case, you will be surprised how is it possible to fill so much objects into a small box. On the face of it the silver case looks great. Usability: The PC disposes of  high performance and is qualified for the work with office-applications as well as an entertainment media center - suitable for working and inspection of  picture recordings and video technologies.
Conclusion: This PC -set is a really good choice for an extravagant flat. The PC looks great on a manager-table, too.   


DinoXPC Italy: 8 out of 10

DinoXPC Italy
8 out of 10

+ Possibility to connect whichever type of external peripheral (except parallel port)
+ Two DDR memory sockets
+ Two PCI slots
+ Large number of integrated components
+ Good manual
+ Acceptable overall performance
+ Front panel connectors for audio and USB
+ good BIOS settings


NBC Ein edles Stück...

Erster Bericht: mit Ergänzung:
14. June 2002

Fazit: Das SS50 ist ein edles Stück. Ein echtes Designerstück, dass den PC wieder auf den Schreibtisch holt und nicht mehr unter den Schreibtisch lässt. (...) Wer Games spielen will, der sollte vielleicht noch ein paar Euro in eine PCI Grafikkarte investieren. Mit einer aktuellen PCI Grafikkarte konnte man schon anständig spielen. So ausgebaut, kann man das SS50 von Spacewalker auch locker unter den Arm klemmen und zur nächsten LAN-Party fahren, ohne sich abzuschleppen. (...)

Conclusion:  The SS50 is a noble one. A real piece of designer art, making the PC reclimbing the desk and never let him leave. (...) If you want to play games, you should put a little more money  into the PCI grafic card. With a curent PCI grafic card you play respectable. So manufactured,  you can take easily the SS50 from Spacewalker  to the next LAN-Party. Hervorragende Ausstattung und Qualität

31. May 2002

Shuttle shows how to build small PCs. At CeBit many have praised a small multimedia PC with all possible integrated interfaces as a new trend, but other manufacturers can only offer some specifications - nothing else. Here is Shuttle a trendsetter and create a well-balanced system (...) SS50 can be very well used as DVD player. Those who like it luxurios can also realize a harddisk videorecorder with SS50, by using a good TV card which supports this function. (...) firewire, LAN, sound and graphics in such a small case is perfectly. Also the quality is very good - both, mainboard and case are clean and thoroughly manufactured (...) Those will love Shuttle's SS50, who have seen it in action. Particularly the friends of extravagant PCs will be satiesfied - a really impressive development.

Positive: excellent features with sound, LAN, firewire and graphics, good office-performance, well manufactured, good quality, good TV out, innovative and interested design.


X86-Secret France: Ein neues PC Konzept

X86-Secret (France)
3. June 2002

Barebone as defined by Shuttle clearly represents a new concept of PC. A concept with a future! (...) We see that the design of the tower is very ingenious during the assembly of the various elements. All components exactly fit in a their place. (...) Sound is very acceptable. Performance is similar (+/- 5%) to a "real" (ATX Form-Factor) SiS645/i845D based motherboard. (...) Moreover, it's necessary to note the extraordinary integration of the motherboard which gives proof of Shuttle's knowledge in mainboard designing.

+ Good overall performance
+ Stability without fault
+ Stylish Design
+ Excellent manufactured
+ Good expandibility
+ Availability


Lost Circuits: Attack of the Killer Mini-BareBones

Lost Circuits
20. May 2002

The Two Extremes:
Shuttle SS50 on top of the Swiftech Q Power:

Attack of the Killer Mini-BareBones 

Power Per Cubic Inch 
Performance metrics have been in the crossfire lately. We have MHz, IPCs, QuantiSpeed and PR ratings and all of them are somewhat arbitrary definitions of performance. To add to the list of metrics, we propose a novel metric and that is Power Per Cubic Inch or PpCI. According to the PpCI rating, and I don't see why we should not use this metric, the SS50 is beyond any doubts a performance megastar of galactic proportions.

General considerations 
(...) SS50: Reviewing this unit has been an eye-opener regarding many performance parameters for me, it's been a pleasure and utmost fun working on this tiny system and if there were one single word to describe why the conventional desktop PC will die sooner or later, this word would be "SS50". 


PC Pro U.K. Great design and excellent features

PC Pro U.K.
issue July 2002, page 122
Overall rating: 5 out of 6
Verdict: Great design, superb looks and excellent features in a pint-sized package.
(...) The Shuttle SpaceWalker SS50 is a superb piece of design, and despite the limitation of not having an AGP slot it's well-featured and highly attractive. If you're sick of bulky beige boxes, this is the perfect solution. Excellent Product Award
Danish: (16. May 2002)
English: (19. May 2002)
Excellent Product Award
The layout couldn’t have been better and I am especially impressed with the compact power source (...) At present there isn’t a technology available that can make a barebone of this size capable of utilizing demanding 3D applications. The SiS315 is a excellent alternative to for instance the integrated GeForce2 MX200 GPUs, which is available on future mainboards. But the SiS315 works a bit faster. The thing which is a little problamatic with this barebone is lack of 3D performance. I have spent a long time contemplating what other aspects you could criticize. But everything is onboard so what do you need more space and PCI slots for? Today’s standards offers large hard drives so you hardly need more then one. If you need more then one you can simply scrap the floppy drive and make use of a boot CD. The built-in 80mm sucks out the hot air. This is very much appreciated since it doesn’t make any noise, but also because the CPU is placed right beneath the hard drive. This is a lethal combination but the 80mm fan keeps problems with heat at bay. All in all a good a though little thing, which will be a success.

• The size, everyone has room 
• Impressive performance 
• Firewire 
• 6 channel C-Media sound, Realtek 10/100Mb/s and SiS315 GPU onboard 
• 2 DIMMs that can work at DDR200/266/333(?) 
• A 80mm fan is installed when you buy it Aware Award

1. May 2002

Aware Award
The Shuttle SS50 Mini Barebones system is an indication of what is to come. Systems are becoming smaller daily and with the increase of LCD and laptop sales I feel this miniaturization trend will only continue to grow. As is, the SS50 provides a good amount of power and decent expansion options in one small package. The SS50 is well built, well laid out and has a decent overall price. It has been a while since I've been really excited about any one piece of computer hardware, but the SS50 has piqued my interest and I'm definitely excited about the SS50 and future systems based on this FlexATX form factor from Shuttle. Shuttle took a big step in providing a system that can support Pentium 4 processors, and if the want and/or need is there, I expect to see further motherboards/systems with more specific focal points as we move forward. Can you imagine how sweet it would be to bring an SS50-esque system with an AGP slot to a LAN party? Mated with a 17" LCD that would be one amazing system! Even so, the SS50 is a cool system as is. It is very versatile and I can see it being used in a wide variety of applications; you just never know when you are going to need some portable power. The SS50, mated with a P4 processor is just that! Right now I'm looking at implementing the SS50 as a fully functional HTPC or HomeTheaterPC. The SS50's size and power make it a solid choice for this type of install, and mated with a HDTV tuner card such as the AccessDTV and a higher quality audio card, such as the M-Audio line, and a HDTV or projector, the SS50 could also make an incredible HTPC system! Again, the SS50 is a great system for what it is. It has great potential and the current incarnation would be a good choice for any number of uses! (...) if you need a small, powerful system that can be set up anywhere and have an instant impact, I don't really see a better option than the SS50 right now. I am impressed with what Shuttle has put together here, and I look forward to the future and to watching the FlexATX and SS50-type systems mature and grow.


Chip: Designer-Würfel - ansprechendes Mini-Gehäuse

Chip Magazin Deutschland
August 2002
Designer-Würfel - So wenig Platzbedarf wie möglich, aber trotzdem genug Raum im Inneren - das bietet das Barebone-System SS50 von Spacewalker
Für die winzige Grundfläche des SS50 wurde ein spezielles Pentium-4-Mainboard entwickelt, das alle wichtigen Komponenten beherbergt (...) Je nach Anwendungsbereich lassen sich in die zwei PCI-Slots eine TV-Tuner-Karte oder für Spieler eine Zusatzkarte mit dem Grafikchip Voodoo5 5500 nachrüsten. (...)
Fazit: Ansprechendes Mini-Gehäuse für den echten Wohnzimmer-PC.
Preis/Leistung: gut

Attraktive mini-case for the authentic living-room PC. 
price/performance: good. Shuttle have done a very admirable job!
29. April 2002
(...) The SS50 does have it's appealing factors, and number one is going to be its small size. Integrated LAN is nice, and there are many uses such as an MP3 server which the SS50 could perform quite well. We were pleasantly surprised to find two integrated Firewire ports which would come in really handy if someone wanted to attach a digital camera to the computer and transfer some home movies. The TV-Output capabilities on the SS50 could also come in quite handy for watching DVD's on a larger screen or in a mini-home theatre setup. We like the idea of computers getting smaller, and without a doubt Shuttle have done a very admirable job assembling some good components to go with their highly integrated motherboard (...) ...and you are ready for action!

(low quality version: 3,3MB)
10. May 2002
The Shuttle SS50 Mini Intel P4 Barebones System is one cute, lightweight, super compact and powerful computer system. All is needed are a few things like; a DVD/CD-ROM, Floppy, HD, RAM, Intel P4 CPU… and you are ready for action. Very impressive

The Tech Report
25. April 2002
Very impressive

(...) I would go into all of the possible uses for an SS50 system, but I expect you've already got five or six of 'em in your head by now. No doubt many folks will decide the SS50 belongs in the living room with a DVD drive and a TV encoder card nestled into the case, and it's hard to argue with that assessment. However, we've seen a zillion cool uses for the SV24, from video editing to LAN-party rig, and I'm sure the SS50 will follow suit. (...)


AMDWorld U.K.: Unique, Fast and Smart

14. April 2002
Conclusion: ...To be brief and direct in summing this system up simply means "Unique, Fast & Smart", these systems would not go amiss in any environment whether it be office or a lounge they just suit and are designed to go anywhere. Apart from the lack of performance in a 3D environment is the only downside one could think of .The shear cpu and memory performance is amongst the best seen recently and if coupled up to a "Northwood" processor like the one used here you will have a extremely fast performing data crunching system. For the office environment or home networking you will find the Realtek 8100B 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet LAN onboard facility easy to hook and configure to add another dimension to this small unique system. The cost will vary in which part of the world you are in. Innovation is written all over this product and we see no reason why at the end of the year 2002 it will end up being one the most innovative systems to be manufactured and at a cost which is well affordable whether you are an enthusiast or just computer operator who has a requirement for a machine to meet some demanding number crunching. Finally it is another product that keeps Shuttle Inc at the level of the enthusiast market and if the innovations of the future remain of this quality like the Shuttle SS50 we will enjoy better things in the future. Simply it will be one of the most Innovative products of this year. Editor's Choice

OC Workbench
4. April 2002
Editor's Choice

Shuttle SS50 is quite a breakthrough from the conventional desktop or slim casing. Although the performance needs some tuning up as it has almost everything you could have thought of integrated on board. That box is really feature rich with all the necessary connectors already there for immediate usage. (...) Overall, I find SS50 a definitely replacement for the machine I am using right now which is a Slot A 550 Athlon. I have installed an ASUS DVD-ROM on it and it sit right next to my TV where I will hook up the speakers and S-VHS output for watching DVDs. I have tested and I can say the video quality is acceptable and it makes a cheap home theatre system for me. For that, you got my Editor's Choice! Great small portable computer

Legion Hardware
2. April 2002
Pros: Great small portable computer, Stylish looking aluminum case, Blue and Orange LEDs, Front USB, Audio and Firewire ports, Integrated Audio, Video and Network, 160watt power supply, Intel Pentium 4 support, Two PCI slots, Cheat way to setup a home theater system

As for expansion the SS50 was far more flexible than the SV24 featuring an extra PCI slot, more connections at the front of the case and a bigger power supply. There was also a lot of room to fit large PCI cards. I was able to install a 32/64bit Adaptec SCSI controller into both the first and second PCI slots. The SS50 is the perfect system for taking to LAN’s if you don’t mind playing games at 640x480 or 800x600. If you have a GeForce2 based PCI card then you are really going to have some fun with the SS50. (...)


VIA Hardware: Editor's Choice Aware

VIA Hardware
20. March 2002
Editor's Choice Award

Small - The SS50 is the smallest P4 system I have seen. (...) Being so small also makes it very portable and easy to fit just about anywhere to keep it out of sight, and is the primary reason it would function so well as a LAN box.

Performance - For such a small system, it sure packs a powerful punch. This is seen largely in Sysmark which tests office productivity and internet content creation

Features - The SS50 is packed with tons of features. P4/DDR Support, USB, Firewire, onboard LAN, TV-Out, C-Media Sound, front access ports and 2 PCI slots, all packed onto a small motherboard placed in a small case. (...)

Versatility - This is a big plus for the SS50, and ties in with the above mentioned features. Sporting 2 PCI slots this time around gives the SS50 an expandability advantage over the SV24. Also with the other myriad of features, you can add and use just about any device with this system. Add to that it's small size and quiet design and you have a great system which can be used in a variety of different ways.

Style - The SS50 is quite stylish. Silver and aluminum are definitely in for computer cases these days, as is pretty much any color that isn't beige. (...)

Noise - Shuttle has quieted down the rear fan and the power supply fan significantly with the SS50 (and I'm told the production units will likely be even more quiet). This is something a lot of people had issues with when they got an SV24 barebones system and found it to be louder than they would have liked. It's good to see Shuttle addressing this issue with the SS50. (...)

Overall the SS50 is a great little system. (...) I will probably end up using it as a file server for my network so that my main machine can stop functioning in that capacity and the SS50 can quietly run and take care of that task. Not to mention that it takes a LOT less power to run than my main system. (...) The SS50 can run Quake 3, Counter-Strike, Unreal Tournament, and other games just fine in lower resolution, which suits LAN's well. (...) That said, I think you can see the many uses of the SS50. (...) Shuttle has a huge lead on their competition in terms of innovation and design. Shuttle has taken an already great concept and made it into a high performing small form factor PC. The uses for the SS are wide open and we hope your are you prepared to unleash your imagination.


PC Achat France: A good idea!

PC Achat Magazine France
Issue Sept/2002, page 88
Une bonne idée (A good idea)

PCPowerZone U.K.: I really like the SS50

17. April 2002
8 out of 10

... yes, go for the SS50 as it's much more up to date and you'll get a good system for your money. (...) I really like the SS50.



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