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  • Mini-Aluminium-Barebone-System with Socket A
  • Supports Athlon XP/Duron with 200/266FSB
  • Chipset: VIA KM266
  • Low noise with ICE-Heatpipe-Cooling
  • 1x AGP (4X), 1x PCI (for simultaneous use)
  • 2x DDR266/200, 2GB capacity
  • 6x USB 2.0, 6-Channel-Audio, LAN, 3x Firewire


Press reviews about SK41G


Chip: Attractive basis for an Entertainment-PC in your living room.

Chip Magazin Germany
November, 19th 2002

CHIP Online Conclusion: The SK41G offers a good value for your money in view of the nice and compact aluminum case including the well-equipped premounted board. This is especially true, when you intend to use it as attractive basis for an Entertainment-PC in your living room.


PC Magazin: Best value for money - SK41G

PC Magazin
Issue 3/2003, pages 50-59

Also online:

Subject: Comparison of PC systems with sound damming
PC system with XPC SK41G obtains: Best value for money

Conclusion: The Magic Cube offers extensive hardware equipment with small dimensions. (...) with a stylish and compact case, good performance and even attractive  expansion capabilities at a favourable price it get the award for: Best value for money.


WCM: Small and good

WCM magazine Austria
Issue 182, Dec 2002, page 39

Small and good
(...) it comes with good craftsmanship and the face of it is hard to beat. There is only few space between the parts of the case and the switches have high quality. (...) The TV out is a nice feature. The Contel CH750005C TV encoder produces a pretty good TV signal, which is also suitable for watching video films on TV. (...) Besides the PCI, there is also an AGP slot, as a new feature compared to older XPC models. This can be used for a powerful graphics 3D card in order to enhance the 3D performance tremendously.


Lost Circuits: Solid performer, price is hard to beat

Lost Circuits
January, 13th 2003
Solid performer, Price is hard to beat
(...) paired with an appropriate graphics card, the SK41G turned out to be a solid performer after all, including some rather solid overclocking capabilities. Granted, it is not the ultimate performance machine but the difference to any high end system where the mainboard by itself costs almost as much as the entire XPC is almost irrelevant for 95% of all users. Add the ease of installation along with the stealth, er, whisper mode and this is one terriffic little box for under #300. And that is hard to beat. (...) for most mortal humans, the SK41G is already more than what they will ever need.


The TechReport: An impressive machine with very respectable performance! 

The Tech Report
December, 30th 2002
The SK41G is an impressive machine in its own right, and has the distinction of being the first Athlon-based Shuttle cube with an AGP slot. If you look at it on its own merits, it achieves very respectable performance that is on par with many full-sized desktop PC's, at least when it's paired with a good graphics card. (...) High performance in small case

XBit Laboratories Russia
January 2003
Excellent Products: High performance in small case
Today we have discussed two quite excellent products (SB51G and SK41G) from Shuttle. This company succeeded in demonstrating that the big and clumsy cases used in modern PCs are not a vitally necessary thing. High-performance computers can live in small cases of original design, too. That's the main outcome of this review.

+ Outstanding design, small size, aluminum case
+ Easy assembly
+ High functionality
+ Outstanding and efficient cooling solution All around amazing, overall rating 1,5
November, 22nd 2002
Overall rating = 1.5

We are very impressed by the new barebone system from Shuttle. It convinces by the optimal design, the good quality of its components and the good performance. SK41G is the solution for those, who are looking for a small, space-saving system. Especially gaming freaks will have an eye-catcher on every LAN-party with the optional accessorries such as the carry bag or the nice changeable front face. The system is very well designed. Because of the compact size, it was considered that only few expandabilities are possible. Thus all necessary components were integrated. It's an important fact, that they do not use the cheapest components, e.g. 6ch soundchip, good Realtek LAN, USB 2.0. Another point is important: the front panel connectors are very practically, no need to creep behind the computer in order to attach your digital camera. Also the provided accessories is presentable. (...)

+ Quality/Design: very good
+ Equipment: good...very good
+ Overclocking: very good
+ Bios/Stability: very good
+ Price/Performance ratio: good...very good


Inpact-Hardware: Rating: 16 out of 20

Inpact-Hardware France
November, 11th 2002
Rating: 16 out of 20
Shuttle presents its first barebone for AMD CPUs with one AGP-port. That makes Shuttle reach a considerable performance at an appropiate price. (...) Postive aspects are: performance, S-Video port, low temperature, price 

Bewertung 16 aus 20
Shuttle präsentiert hier sein erstes Barebone für AMD CPUs mit einem AGP-Port. Damit läßt sich eine beachtliche Performance zu einem angemessenen Preis erreichen (...) Positive Punkte sind: Performance, S-Video-Anschluß, niedrige Temperatur, Preis The SK41G is a good system
The SK41G is a good system (...)

(...) So the bottom line when talking about video is if you want to use the onboard video, get the SS40G. If you want gaming power for a LAN box, snap up the SK41G. (...) Regarding the design of the SK41G, it is good to see the improvements centered around the CPU cooling solution. The screw-down heatsink is very welcome and you won’t have to deal with any annoying clips in a cramped area. Simply screw down each corner and you’re done. The heatsink has been redesigned for better performance, and also the included CPU shim is a very thoughtful and welcome addition.
While the SK41G may be the first released AMD based XPC with an AGP slot, it definitely won’t be the last. We know that the SN41 – the nForce2 based unit – is on the way (...) If you need something now and don’t want to wait, get the SK41 if you plan to add a video card, but the SS40 if you want to use onboard video. (...) Stylish power-midget - seen - buyed - enthusiastic Schicker Power-Zwerg - Gesehen - gekauft - begeistert.
Bericht eines Anwenders
für potentielle Käufer
2. Dez. 2002
Stylish power-midget
compact, thought-out and stylish design
full rating of 5 stars

Seen - buyed - enthusiastic
(...) While many components are onboard, you just need to buy and install the CPU, memory and drives. Advanced users and also beginners do not have to worry about the installation. A pictured manual is also included in the package.

The SK41G makes me feel enthusiastic about it and also the general idea of Mini-PCs convinces me completely. The case is so small and stylish that it can be put onto the desk without any problems. The blue power- and the orange HDD-LED look fantastic, too. The small one is a real eyecatcher!
There are a lot of accessories to discover, e.g. a carrying bag, (especially suited for LAN-party lovers, due to its low weight), numerous front panels of different colours, a memory card reader and many more. (...)  

Schicker Power-Zwerg
Kompaktes, durchdachtes und schickes System
Volle Wertung mit 5 Sternen

Gesehen - gekauft - begeistert.
(...) Da sich bereits alle Sachen onboard befinden, braucht man "nur noch" die CPU, Speicher und Laufwerke kaufen und installieren. Die Installation sollte erfahrene User und Anfänger vor keine großen Probleme stellen. Eine bebilderte Anleitung liegt bei. (...)

Ich bin durch und durch vom SK41G begeistert und vom Prinzip der Mini-PCs überzeugt. Das Gehäuse ist so klein und sieht so schick aus, dass man es problemlos AUF den Schreibtisch stellen kann. Die blaue Power- und die orangene HDD-LED sehen auch super aus. Ein echter Hingucker, der Kleine !
Es gibt noch einiges an Zubehör für das System, wie z.B. eine Tragetasche (die sich auch anbietet, da das komplette System nur wenige Kilogramm wiegt - ideal für die nächste LAN-Party), unterschiedlich farbige Fronten, Speicherkarten-Leser etc.) (...) Value-adding features and quality of build are all excellent
January, 29th 2003
The idea behind the Shuttle XPC Small Form Factor PCs is good. There is absolutely no denying that. The impressive chassis, the number of useful, value-adding features and quality of build are all excellent. The popularity of these Shuttles have soared to the extent that a number of PC-related forums have their own section devoted to Shuttle's babies. Other manufacturers have tried but Shuttle have been the first to succeed with mass appeal. Perhaps the biggest draw was the presence of an AGP slot that accommodates the most powerful cards without any problems.

(...) the SK41G is a fine machine. It uses the base mould from the popular Intel shuttles to good effect. We see almost every feature carried over intact. The main difference, though, is probably beneficial. The inclusion of a S-Video-Out is arguably more useful than the S/PDIF-In featured on the two Intel XPCs that I've seen before. It all works well. The cooler is designed well and is relatively easy to mount. Further, the on-board video's 2D is pretty good for the most part. (...)

+ Super build quality. Excellent design 
+ Available right now for around £220 
+ Extremely versatile machine 
+ 2D is good for on-board video 
+ Pretty quiet with FanGuardian switched on


Modtown U.K.: Case modding with SK41G

Modtown U.K.
April, 1st 2003


Gamepure: Overall I am impressed - play games at a LAN party with ease

Date unknown
The Shuttle XPC is gaining in popularity among many enthusiasts today. Whole websites have devoted their primary focus to the small form factor PC (...) The Shuttle SK41G is currently not the top of the line Shuttle XPC for the Athlon platform. That honor belongs to the SN41G2 nForce2 barebones system. However, for #249 retail, you get a lot out of the SK41G. You get a fully functional PC with 4 USB ports, 3 Firewire ports and the ability to use up to the Athlon 2600+ XP. For this price, the SK41G is great for its uses. (...)

Overall I am impressed by the SK41G. It’s the first barebones mini-computer that I’ve owned. It can literally fit into one of my desk drawers while working on my computer. While my full-blown desktop is pretty awesome, the aesthetic look and size of Shuttle’s XPC design allows me to easily find a place for it on my desk. In fact, my mid-tower ATX case with a 400W PSU has hardly been used since I’ve gotten this SK41G. The ease of use, and the portability of the system are both pluses. Plus, performance with a 9700 Pro is fast enough to play games at a LAN party with ease. 


VTR-Hardware France: Ein kleines Phänomen, von dem man nicht enttäuscht wird  A small phenomenon that will not disappoint you

VTR-Hardware France
March, 31st 2003
I had the chance to investigate the phenomenon - a Mini-PC by Shuttle. I was checking it and it was not disappointing. It keeps its promises, regarding the level of design as well as its funktionality. It is a little winner in office use, because it lets you make a high-end PC that is not expensive and offers the advantage of originality. This is exactly what makes it differ from usual beige boxes. Concering the use as a PCHC or divX-box, its advantage is a light-weight case that makes it easy to handle. (...) The SK41G with CPU, memory, hard- disk CD-ROM drive is even more than just for the use in office. With little modifications you will get a divX box for the living-room. 

Übersetzung aus dem Fazit:
Ich hatte die Gelegenheit gehabt, das kleine Phänomen zu betrachten - einen Mini-PC von Shuttle. Ich habe diese Sache überprüft und bin wirklich nicht enttäuscht worden! Es hält all seine Versprechungen, sowohl was das Niveau des Designs betrifft als auch die Funktionalität. Für den Einsatz im Büro ist es sogar ein kleiner Sieger, da er erlaubt, sich einen leistungsstarken PC aufzubauen, der nicht zu teuer ist, und dazu ein Plus an Originalität bietet, der ihn von den üblichen beigen Gehäusen unterscheidet. Was die Benutzung als PCHC oder DivX-Box betrifft, hat man den großen Vorteil, daß es ein leicht zu transportierendes Gehäuse hat. (...) Das SK41G plus Prozessor, Speicher, Festplatte und CDROM-Laufwerk ergibt viel mehr als eine vollständige Lösung für's Büro. Mit einigen Änderungen ergibt es auch eine DivX-Box für's Wohnzimmer. (...) (Chinese)
December, 6th 2002
New release about XPC SK41G in China


Akiba2go: Extreme Performance AMD SSF Platform

Nov., 15th 2002
Shuttle announces "SK41G" Compact XPC with extreme performance of the AMD Athlon XP Platform for the first time in a SFF design from Shuttle Integrating Powerful VIA ProSavageDDR KM266.
27. Nov. 2002
Chinese (no translation available)



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