• Mini aluminum barebone system
  • Socket 478 supports 400/533FSB and Hyper-Threading
    (no Prescott support)
  • Chipset: Intel 845GE / ICH4
  • Low noise with ICE-Heatpipe Cooling
  • 1x AGP (4X), 1x PCI, 2x DDR333/266/200, 6x USB 2.0
  • 6 Channel audio, LAN, Firewire and many more
New: XIB-Version

Black case-
Version available
(Order No. SB51G1)


Press reviews about SB51G Editors Choice Award
17. Oct. 2002
Editors Choice Award
Overall Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Performance 10/10
Features 10/10
Ease Of Installation 8/10
Overclocking 7/10
Documentation 9/10

Pros: Future Hyperthreading CPU is supported, USB 2.0, 1394, LAN on board, 6 channel audio 
AGP Slot, HeatSink Pipe low noise design

Conclusion: Shuttle SB51G is the Intel flavour of the SS51G we reviewed before. This box has all the necessary connectors all built into it. On top of that, it promises future support of Hyperthreading CPU. This won't be possible on the SS50/SS51. The performance of this integrated box is very good and it is in fact on par with most of the Intel 845GE/PE boards we have benchmarked before. As this box incorporates an AGP slot, you can use it with the latest graphics card. (...) FSB ranges from 100~165Mhz and there are two options of running at Async DDR266 or DDR333 mode. A low temperature of less than 50 Deg Celsius is recorded throughout our tests. This is really good considering that there is no fan blowing at it directly and there isn't much noise generated from the box. (...) Overall, the SB51G is a rock stable Intel solution.


Hexus U.K.: Extremely quiet, Small and Chic

20. Oct. 2002
  • Small and chic
  • Can be made into a powerful PC with today's top-end components
  • The ultimate LAN box in waiting
  • AGP slot is a considerable plus
  • Numerous value-adding features
  • Extremely quiet when the FanGuardian is enabled
  • Direct desktop replacement
  • Can be put to a number of uses
  • HyperThreading support and DDR333 support from an Intel-based chipset is pleasing
  • Shuttle have added a number of accessories that can give your SFF PC an individual air
  • With careful construction, you can house a number of devices. It's like a mini-TARDIS

Conclusion: Shuttle have once again proved that small-form-factor PCs don't have to be a compromise between form and performance. For all intents and purposes, the Shuttle SB51G performs in the same vein as any desktop PC featuring a DDR333-capable chipset. The scores laid down by the SB51G when paired with a Radeon 9700 Pro are competitive with any DDR setup, and not too far off those laid down by PC1066 RAMBUS. That, in my eyes at least, is remarkable when you consider that the whole ensemble isn't larger than most shoeboxes.

Another pleasing aspect is the ability to load the unit up with power-hungry components and then watch it perform flawlessly under load conditions. A Radeon 9700 Pro, 120GB hard drive, 2.8GHz CPU, and a DVD ReWriter offer food for thought for any PSU, never mind one with a rated capacity of 200w. To its credit it took them in its stride and never appeared to struggle at any time.

You need to have a little think of the order in which you install components; the limited space on offer, which cannot be helped, sometimes makes it a little difficult to see how everything will fit. Thankfully, construction is first-class throughout with no sharp edges. Features are high on SB51G's list. 3 Firewire ports, 4 usable USB2.0 ports, decent on-board sound, S/PDIF In and Out, and on-board LAN make it all-encompassing package.

The AutoFan Guardian is a sensible measure that limits the speed of the on-board CPU fan. Although the CPU became a bit hot under the cooler with it implemented, it didn't show any signs of throttling. The SETI benchmark was pretty much where I expected it to be. (...)

It looks good, is a relative doddle to setup, offers more features than most standard motherboards and is deceptively powerful when paired with leading components. The Intel i845GE chipset is, as expected, extremely stable. The support for upcoming HyperThreading-capable P4 CPUs is a nice bonus. The presence of one PCI slot is useful, too. Unless you are into extreme overclocking, you should consider a SFF PC solely on its considerable merits. Being so small, it has a number of advantages over its desktop counterparts.

Dedicated DVD/DivX/MP3 box - With the possibility of adding a DVD drive and 2 hard drives, coupled with the fan in quiet mode, you could have an impressively powerful box. TV-out is well catered for, too.

Fileserver - Strap in a couple of 120GB drives and away you go.

LAN Box - I've already demonstrated just how well it performs with a dedicated AGP card. Couple this with a TFT screen for some portable gaming nirvana.

Students' PC - A nice TFT and a Shuttle SFF PC would make the perfect setup for students suffering from a lack of space. I'd have loved one of these systems when I was a student.


PCGo Magazin: Handlicher Instant PC leicht installiert

PCGo Magazin
2. May 2003
Instant PC: Shuttle XPC SB51G
Die Installation (...) gelingt mit dem beigelegten Handbuch sogar Laien in wenigen Minuten. (...) Um aus dem Barebone einen kompletten Office-, Internet- oder Multimedia-Rechner zu machen, benötigten Bastler nur noch einen Prozessor, Speicher und die Laufwerke. (...) Sogar das Hyper-Threading des Pentium IV unterstützt der Chipsatz. Gekühlt wird (...) mit einem zentralen Lüfter. Dadurch bleibt das System trotz extrem handlicher Bauweise schön leise. Eine hervorragende Maschine France
28. Oct. 2002

Fazit: (...) Es verfügt über unleugbare Stärken, die zu einem großen Teil aus dem Vorgänger abgeleitet sind und die Integration des neuesten Intel-Chipsatzes läßt auch keine Kritik zu. (...) Mit diesem Modell bietet Shuttle eine Intel-Lösung für diejenigen, die SiS nicht haben möchten. (...) eine hervorragende Maschine.

+ Bemerkenswerte Integrationsdichte und Verarbeitung
+ AGP-Slot
+ USB 2.0 Port und FireWire am Frontpanel
+ 5.1 Audio mit optischen Port

+ Compacité et finition remarquables 
+ Connecteur AGP4X 
+ Port USB2.0, FireWire en façade 
+ Gestion du 5.1 et présence d'un port optique


ITC online Ukraine

ITC online Ukraine
20. May 2003
No translation available


Inpact-Hardware: Die 100% Intel-Lösung

Inpact-Hardware France
29. Oct. 2002
Avec le SB51G, les amateurs du "tout Intel" trouveront sans aucun doute leur bonheur.

Mit dem SB51G werden die User, die auf "Intel pur" stehen, vollauf zufrieden sein.

With the SB51G, the friends of "whole INTEL" will find without any doubt their happiness. China China
5. Nov. 2002
The first XPC with Intel chipset is coming...


PC Buyer

PC Buyer
10. Dec. 2002

Cover Story: Cover 


WinPC : Most powerful SSF-Barebone in the world

Nikkei WinPC Magazine Japan
Jan/2003, page 117
SB51G is the most powerful SFF-Barebone in the world now


DOSV Magazine: Recommendation

DOS V Magazine
17. Dec. 2002
We recommend SB51G to every PC-DIY fan.It is a perfect SFF barebone that we have not seen before.

Original review: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 |


3DNews Russia

3DNews Russia
6. May 2003
+ design and ergonomics
+ productivity
+ sizes/dimensions and temperature. 


WPC Arena Japan: The most powerful SFF barebone-XPC

WPC Arena Japan
6. Jan. 2003
The most powerful SFF barebone-XPC


User-Bericht über Case-Modding

SB51G Case Modding
28. Nov. 2003

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