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USB Bluetooth Dongle (PN21)


Bluetooth™ technology is a cutting-edge open specification that enables short-range wireless connections between desktop and notebook computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones, camera phones, printers, digital cameras, keyboards and even a computer mouse. Bluetooth wireless technology uses a globally available frequency band (2.4GHz) for worldwide compatibility. In a nutshell, Bluetooth technology unplugs your digital peripherals and makes cable clutter a thing of the past. With Bluetooth technology integrated in XPC, you can link to your PDA handheld device, Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and other peripherals — and do it wirelessly, within a 30-foot range.
  • Data transfer between Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Applicable to some XPCs of the G-series: SK41GSK43G, SN45G, SS56G, SB51G und SS51G V2.0
  • To be installed behind the detachable front plate on the provided gap in the front sheet metal
  • Connect to internal onboard USB-port

Installation of the transmitting/receiving module:

Installation of the USB-adapter:

Technical Data

Carrier Frequency 2,4 - 2,483 GHz
Data Rate 1 Mbps
Antenna Integrated PCB-antenna
Temperature Operation: 0 to 65°C
Storage: -30 to 80°C
Host Interface USB Version 1.1
System Support Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
Power Supply Voltage: 5V (from USB)
Current: 80mA
Receiver Rx sensitivity 85 dBm
Transmitter Power at Antenna Port (class 1 - 100 meter free space) 
Advanced Features DFÜ Connections
Network Access (1 Master, 7 Slaves)
Data Transfer
Send and receive faxes
Multiplayer TCP/IP games


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