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I.C.E. Heatpipe for SS50 (PH4)

XPC SS50 is delivered with a conventional CPU-cooler as standard. The accessory PH4 is an Integrated Cooling Engine (I.C.E.) that reaches a very efficient level of processor- and case-cooling. How it works: it is based on the Heatpipe-Technology. The copper-pipes are filled with a liquidity similar to water, that evaporates during heating. Steam is led up to the lamellas next to the fan. The 8cm-fan can be controlled actively by the mainboard and is noiseless at normal revolution.

The delivery content includes Heatpipe, fan, clamp, screws and thermal grease.

Internal Order Number: PCZ-PH040

Since the beginning of Oct./2002 also available in Color Retail-Package.

Picture: XPC SS50 with installed Heatpipe-Cooling-System.


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