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SilentX: 250W-Power Supply Unit for XPC (PC40)

Shuttle XPC 250W-Power Supply
SilentX = Super Cool + Super Quiet!

"SilentX" is an amazing quiet, reliable and powerful 250W power supply unit, applicable to the following XPC models:
SS51G, SS56G, SB51G, SB52G2, SB61G2, Reflexion, SB62G2, SB65G2, SB75G2, SK41G, SK43G, SN41G2, SN45G
(Not applicable to SS50, SN85G4, ST62K and SS56L. The models ST61G4 and SN41G2V2 have SilentX already integrated as a standard component)

The SilentX-Power Supply Unit is cooler than previous power supplies thanks to Smart-FAN- and  Silent-FAN-Control, better airflow and new layout-design. The case is made of aluminium so that unavoidable power supply heat can be removed more easily. Worldwide safety and EMI/RFI approved, quality assurance is no doubt. As an upgrade for your exsisting XPC system, it possesses higher reserve capacities, that makes even overclocker hearts beat faster.

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