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USB 2.0 PCI-Card (CV18)

Internal Order Number HOT-CV18

Especially suited for XPCs that do not feature USB 2.0: SV24, SV25, SS50
This card is included within delivery of SS40G (Bulk-Version).
All the newer XPCs (with AGP-slot) have USB 2.0 onboard and do not need the card CV18 for that reason.


  • PCI-Card with USB 2.0 controller
  • 2x USB 2.0-outputs on the back panel
  • 2x USB 2.0-connectors onboard
    for a slot-adapter KB-1093
  • All connectors USB 1.1 compatible
  • Supports connecting and disconnecting of USB-devices during operation
  • Conforming to USB Spec Rev 2.0, Enhanced Host Controller Interface Spec Rev 0.95, Universal Host Controller Interface Spec Rev 1.1, PCI-Bus Power Management Interface Spec Release 1.1

Delivery Content:

  • CV18 USB/PCI-Card
  • 5V Standby-Cable
  • Manual
  • Driver-CDROM


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Before installation, please configure jumper J3 and J4 as requested. It serves to select the source of the standby-voltage: Therefore you can choose between the 5VSB-line of the PCI-Bus and the WOL-connector (Wake-on-LAN) of the mainboard. The included cable helps you to create a connection between J1 of the USB/PCI-card and the WOL-connector of the mainboard. According to the PCI-Bus Power Management Specification 1.1, the computer can be switched on via your USB-device (theoretically), because CV18 passes a "wake-up" signal via the wake-on-PCI-function to the mainboard. Unfortunately, it does not work in practise frequently.

Jumper-configuration for 5V-standby-voltage
J3 for back panel connectors (USB 1+2), J4 for onboard connectors (USB 3+4)
Position 1-2: standby-voltage via PCI-Bus
Position 2-3: standby-voltage via WOL-connector


Download CV18

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