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Press reviews AN51R Very good performance, feature rich + Recomended Award
4. August 2004
Conclusion: Shuttle's AN51R is a well rounded and feature rich board for the socket 754 crowd. It has all the expected features and them some; onboard RAID capable of RAID 0, 1 and 0+1, eight USB 2.0 ports, six channel sound with SPDIF jack, Gigabit and Firewire. The CMOS clear button on the rear I/O panel was a pleasant find as were the on/off and reset buttons beside the panel connectors. Its layout was exceptional. Connector and cable plugs are grouped so as to avoid unnecessary clutter. This is especially demonstrated by the 3-pin Molex connector fan header placements. Our test board ran neck and neck in performance compared to the K8T800 board we used in our comparison giving us very good performance. (...) If you are shopping around for a socket 754 board, the Shuttle AN51R is not one to be overlooked and merits our full recommendation.

+ Very good performance 
+ Outstanding layout 
+ fan header next to AGP slot 
+ CMOS clear button on rear I/O panel 
+ Internal on/off and reset button next to panel connectors 
+ Six channel sound compete with SPDIF jack 
+ Gigabit 
+ Inexpensively priced Tweak'O meter Rating of  90% (Denmark)
12. Sept. 2004
Conclusion: (...) Shuttle seem to have the capability to produce other things than barebone machines, based on the high-standard functions and the functionality of the AN51R motherboard. This and more is what to expect from a motherboard produced in 2004. Shuttle has even managed to put some extra features on the board, which hasn't really been seen before.

The Shuttle AN51R - nForce 3 250 Chipset pulls the Tweak'O meter to 90, because of the reasonable design (...) Some smart features is located on this board, along with a generally good performance. (...) Fast, stable, innovative and good value - recommended! Germany
4. August 2004

(...) Because of the passive Southbridge cooling it is a good basis for silent systems. Many active cooling fans will make a high noise after a while. (...) as you can see in the benchmarks, the memory performance almost reaches its theoretical maximum of 3.2 GB/s (...) In addition, the benchmarks proves a very good performance of the Serial-ATA controller and a connected harddisk. (...) We make a 24-hour burn-in test for the CPU (...) all this couldn't cause any trouble to the AN51R (...)

Conclusion: The Shuttle AN51R offers not only a new chipset generation from NVIDIA, but also some old and new features - very innovative is the BIOS Reset Switch. In addition, the board offers a solid performance and stability, what will satisfy the hardcore gamer as well. [The good value] makes it even a good bargain.

+ Performance 
+ passive southbridge cooling
+ connectors with different colors
+ intelligent placement of the ATX connectors

none Excellent Product Award Denmark
23. July 2004
Conclusion: (...) The board has what you need in terms of I/O, there are a couple of different sound-related connectors, Gigabit LAN and some interesting RAID possibilities, where you can mix PATA and SATA drives. This is something I haven't seen before, and it enables the end user to get a modern SATA disk and RAID'ing it with an existing PATA disk. (...) the board seems to perform on par with the KT800 chipset, but here with a working AGP/PCI lock. (...) All in all it has been a pleasure to work with this motherboard, and it has been completely stable even when overclocked. 

+ Interesting RAID possibilities 
+ Good idea with onboard switches (Power, Reset and Clear CMOS) "Excellent Hardware" Award

HardwareLuxx Germany
7. July 2004

While other manufacturers still fight against strong memory compatibility problems, we found that AN50R runs absolutely flawless. Therefore we can hardly wait for its successor (...) Thanks to Shuttle we received a pre-version sample of AN51R, which makes a great impression to us. (...) The key features of AN51R convinces with versatility. Good equippment, good overclocking and finally a good performance make this board to a good overall choice. All required things can be found in the package. Shuttle is aware that they not include special things in order to keep the cost as low as possible. Due to this policy you can save money in the right way and you don't miss any features - since all the high-speed interfaces as USB2.0, Firewire, Serial ATA and ATA133 are available. In addition you get a 6-channel Audio with optical output. (...) In an early state of our testing we were surprised about the overclocking capabilities. When you take a look to the OC results, then the overclockers heart begins to beat and we were glad about it. (...) Currently, it seems that the nForce 3 250/250Gb chipset is the first choice for overclocking the Athlon 64.

When it comes to the performance, we can only state "excellent". (...) In conclusion, the Shuttle shows a constant high performance, sometimes even decorated with some highscores. We haven't realized any breakdowns, which we often found with several mainboards during some benchmarks - but AN51R has none of this breakdowns.

+ many onboard components
   (USB2.0, sound, Gigabit Ethernet, Serial ATA and FireWire)
+ good stability and good RAM compatibility 
+ very good overall performance 
+ very good in overclocking 
+ good price/performance ratio



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