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Mainboard AN35N



Versions of the AN35N-Mainboard-Series:

Mainboard AN35N-400 AN35N-Ultra
CPU FSB-Frequency up to 400MHz FSB up to 400MHz FSB
Chipset-Version NVidia nForce2 400 NVidia nForce2 Ultra 400
Memory-Interface Single Channel (64 Bit) Dual Channel (128 Bit)

AN35-400 and AN35-Ultra, these are the versions without Ethernet (without "N").


  • Chipset:
    AN35N-400: NVidia nForce2 400
    AN35N-Ultra: NVidia nForce2 Ultra 400
    Southbridge: MCP
  • Socket 462 (Sockel A) CPU Support
    AMD Athlon XP and Duron-processors for Socket A with 200*/266/333/400MHz FSB
    *) Note: The AN35N-400 does not support Duron- and Athlon-processors with 200MHz FSB
    supports Thunderbird, Palomino (model 6), T-Bred (model 8) and Barton up to 3200+
    FSB-setting: 100 to 250 MHz
    CPU-multiplicator: 8,0 to 23,0
    CPU Vcore-voltage: automatic or 1,100 to 1,850V - extra-setting: "above 1,85V" to 2,000V
    Burn Proof CPU protection only for AthlonXP
    (CPU Burning Proof)
  • Expansion Slots:
    1 x AGP (v3.0) Slot supports 8X and 4X mode
    Important Note: AGP-Slot supports only 1,5V-mode (3,3V not supported)
    AGP-voltage adjustable: automatic, 1,55V or 1,60V
    5 x 32 Bit PCI (v2.2)
  • Onboard IDE Controller
    2-Channel Enhanced PCI IDE
    up to 4 IDE devices
    supports ATA133 (downward compatible)
    with ATA-133-cable
  • Multimedia:
    AC97 v2.2 Realtek ALC650 Sound with 6-channel support
  • Ethernet:
    10/100MBit LAN mit RJ45-connector on the backpanel
    Realtek 8201BL chipset
  • Backpanel-connectors:

    1 x PS/2-Mouse
    1 x PS/2-Keyboard
    2 x Serial
    1 x Parallel
    2 x USB 2.0 (4 more connectors onboard)
    1 x  Ethernet RJ45
    Audio: 3 Connectors for 6-channel sound (bass/center, front, rear), also for line-in/microphone
    1 x Game/Midi-Port
    Bracket included in delivery
  • Onboard-connectors:
    1 x Floppy Drive
    4 x USB 2.0 (two more on back panel)
    1 x SPDIF In (2x5 pin)
    1 x SPDIF Out (2x5 pin)
    1 x Infrared
    3 x Audio front panel connectors (microphone and line-in/out)
    3 x Audio-ports (AUX-in, CD audio, Mini CD audio)
    1 x Audio-connectors for front panel (2x5 pin)
    1 x Audio center/bass (1x4 pin)
    1 x Audio rear out (1x4 pin)
    3 x Fan (CPU, AGP, Case)
  • Memory:
    3 x 184-Pin memory socket
    for PC3200 (DDR400), PC2700 (DDR333), PC2100 (DDR266) or PC1600 (DDR200) unbuffered DDR SDRAM memory
    with 200, 166, 133 or 100MHz clock rate up to 3GB capacity
    does not support any buffered or ECC-modules
    Memory voltage adjustable: automatic, 2,60V or 2,70V
    Memory frequency: SPD-configuration, automatic adjustment or between 50% and 200%
    Recommendation: Follow NVidia's list of memory compatibility.
  • Hardware-monitoring
    CPU-temperature, system voltage and fan revolution
  • BIOS
    Award V6.0PG PnP Green BIOS
    stored in 2MBit Flash-memorychip
    bootable from floppy, ATAPI, USB, SCSI
    BIOS write protection
  • Delivery Content
    Mainboard, Manual, Driver-CDROM, Bracket, IDE- and Floppy Cable
  • ATX-Power Supply Connector
    Standard 20-Pin-ATX-Power Supply Connector + 4-Pin (ATX12V)
  • Form Factor
    ATX: 30,5 x 24,4 cm


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