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Mainboard AS40GT, AS45GTR

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Pressestimmen über AS40GTR

Unterkapitel: "It had a great layout, good performance and a excellent price!!"
8. April 2002
I'm giving the AS40GTR 4 out of 5 eyeballs. It had a great layout, good performance and a excellent price!!


PenStarSys: "Overall Score: 92%"
28. Feb. 2002
Overall Score: 92%
Conclusion: (...) The SiS 645 is the first Pentium 4 DDR chipset that utilizes this new memory specification, and Shuttle is on the bandwagon supporting this chipset. The features of this board and chipset are quite impressive, and it has very good performance. (...) The features of this particular board are second to none. The GTR series are packed with features, such as onboard RAID and high quality sound. (...) The stability of this board is also very good, with the only crashes coming from running the ZD Benchmarks. This board has been subjected to 72 hours of looping 3D applications, with not a single crash. The quality of the board is excellent to say the least. (...) Nothing significantly bad can be said about this board, as it does its job, and is a very fair priced product for what it delivers.

Pros: Can run memory at 166 MHz (333 MHz DDR), Solid and stable platform, Great expansion capabilities, Outstanding layout, Strong performance across the board, Great features, Shuttle quality "Value and Performance award"

AMD World (UK)
20. Feb. 2002
Value and Performance award

Shuttle who always seems to be at the forefront at present have produced another fine motherboard that is stable and competitive and can not be ignored or overpowered by other manufacturers based on overclocking facilities .The AS40GTR has its own overclocking potential and probably will provide enough for the casual enthusiast, but again its a stable board and has all the benefits of the SiS645 chipset. The layout is almost perfect and with an almost jumper-less free operation it would suit anyone attempting to build a machine whether first time or 100th time.


LegionHardware: "Rating: 95%"

Legion Hardware
30. Jan. 2002
Rating: 95%

Once again Shuttle provides us with unbeatable performance, there really wasn’t a test that the AS40GT-R had an out-right lost in. The board delivered extremely impressive memory results in both SiSoft2002 and MemTach. The board’s performance wasn’t all just about the 3D scores and memory transfer rates. There is more to the AS40GT-R such as ATA133 RAID and 6-Channel C-Media. C-Media’s 8738 audio controller deserves more credit that what it’s currently receiving. It’s not a bad audio controller and delivers high quality audio without all the bugs other high-end sound cards are having with Windows XP. The AS40GT-R design has a certain look and feel to it. Everything seems to be perfectly placed and nothing really seems to be crowded. Despite the lack of overclocking options I still really enjoyed testing the AS40GT-R, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it because of this missing feature. Overall I came across no bugs or any other issues with the AS40GT-R and best of all the board didn’t crash once whilst overclocking and testing. (...)

...insgesamt war das Board sehr beeindruckend. AV45GTR war 200MB/s
schneller als AV40/R. AV40/R ist das schnellste P4X266 motherboard
überhaupt, und die Steigerung der Speicher-Übertragungsrate bei
AV45GTR um weitere 200MB/s ist extrem eindrucksvoll.


Virtual Zone Hardware: "Editor's Choice MERIT Award!"

Virtual Zone Hardware
1. Feb. 2002
Editor's Choice MERIT Award!
Shuttle AS40GTR is lightly featured with CMedia 6 channels hardware sound and HighPoint HPT372 ATA133 IDE RAID to keep the overall cost of this board down. Those who are looking for a budget board yet need the luxury of 6 channels hardware sound and RAID options will find this board a very good buy. (...) As for the performance of Shuttle AS40GTR board, it is able to come close to the SiS645 reference board and outperform the SOYO P4S Dragon Ultra slightly due to lower latency at DDR333 mode.


Tweakers Asylum: "AS40GTR is the clear winner!"
25. Jan. 2002
AS40GTR is the clear winner!

AOpen AX45 versus Shuttle AS40GTR: With any "showdown" there must be a winner and of course a loser. In this case it's pretty clear who the winner is, the Shuttle AS40GTR motherboard. I'm pleased to award the Shuttle AS40GTR our Life Sentence Award for it's excellent layout design, feature list, and performance.

I was very impressed by the attention to detail Shuttle showed in the AS40GTR motherboard. The power headers were all neatly tucked out of the way. The space between the AGP card and DIMM retaining notches is more than adequate. The black plastic AGP retaining lock is a great addition to help prevent problems novice users may have with proper AGP card seating.

The addition of the HighPoint 372 Controller is a great touch. Not only do you get on-board RAID, you also get the ability to upgrade to ATA133 based hard drives. Even with the 2 extra IDE ports the HighPoint 372 brings to the table, Shuttle still managed to find the room needed to properly route your IDE cables. All in all, the layout of the Shuttle AS40GTR is one of the best I have seen.

I was very pleased with the performance and stability of the Shuttle AS40GTR motherboard. Performance was consistent and didn't give any surprises. About the only issue I have with the AS40GTR is it's lack of overclocking features. It would have been nice if Shuttle had included "+ 1 MHz FSB adjustments" and voltage adjustments to the VDIMM. Full User Rating User Rating
9. Nov. 2002
Full User Rating: 5 out of 5

PROS: All around very good board. 
CONS: None I can find. 
USER COMMENTS: This was the second board i had bought the first the bios kept going out. This board has given no problems and has been very stable. I have had 2 friends go out and buy it because of my experience.



Sockel 478

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