Carrying Bag for the Shuttle All-in-One PC X50 Series

The strong nylon surface with integrated Shuttle-logo takes care of optimal safety on every transport. The PC will be fixed by a velcro fastening belt inside the bag to rule out sliding on the move. To avoid scratches on the display, the inner surface is designed with a 1cm soft, upholstered pad. Plenty of practical pockets and on the inside to keep large amount of accessories. The attached upholstered shoulder carrying belt guarantees a comfortable transport without any problems.


  • Dimension: (L)44 x (W)40 x (H)5.5cm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Color: Black with integrated Shuttle-logo
  • Material: robust nylon
  • Upholstered shoulder carrying belt
  • Compatible to all Shuttle All-in-One PC of the X50 Series:
    X50, X50V2, X50V2 Plus, X50V3, X50V3L, X50V4, X50V5, X50V6
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