SPDIF Extension Kit - Digital Audio Upgrade

The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC17 is an expansion kit to add an optical SPDIF input and output connector to your Shuttle XPC (also known as TOSlink or Fiber SPDIF). SPDIF is used on PC audio cards, amplifiers, CD players, DVD players, car audio systems, and other audio devices which transmit or receive digital audio. The Shuttle XPC Accessory PC17 can be simply installed within few minutes on compatible Shuttle XPCs.

  • Model: Shuttle XPC Accessory PC17
  • Type: Digital audio upgrade
  • External connectors:
    Optical SPDIF input (pink color)
    Optical SPDIF output (black color)
  • Internal connectors: 1x6 pin SPDIF header
  • Cable length: ca. 150 mm
  • External attachment:
    SPDIF port perforation at the back panel of the Shuttle XPC
  • Compatibility:
    For use with Shuttle XPC barebones or Shuttle XPC systems with an available SPDIF onboard header and port perforation at the back panel.
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