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Ausgelaufene Mainboards


Sockel 754 für AMD Athlon 64
NVIDIA nForce3 250 Chipsatz
Slots: AGP 8X, 5x PCI,
USB2.0, 6ch Sound, ATA133,
Serial-ATA Raid, DDR400
GigaBit LAN
ATX Format

  • Chipset:
    NVIDIA nForce3 250 Single Chip for AMD Athlon 64 CPU
    Hyper Transport Support (now offering a fully dual-pumped 800MHz 16Bit link)
  • Socket 754 CPU Support
    supports AMD Athlon 64 and Sempron processors on 754-pin SMT Socket
    FSB soft-configuration in BIOS setup from 200 to 280 MHz
  • Expansion Slots:
    1 x AGP (v3.0) Slot supports 8X and 4X mode
    5 x 32 Bit PCI (v2.3) 33MHz
  • Onboard IDE Controller (Parallel ATA)
    2-Channel Enhanced PCI IDE
    up to 4 IDE devices
    supports ATA133 (downward compatible)
    with ATA-133-cable
  • Serial ATA Raid Controller
    supports the following RAID modes:
    0 (Striping), 1 (Mirroring), 0+1 (Striping und Mirroring) and JBOD ("just a bunch of disks")
    bundled NVIDIA software "NVRAID" allows to manage this functionality from a single easy-to-use interface
    External RSPI Serial-ATA PHY Interface (Marvell 3020)
  • Multimedia:
    AC97 v2.2 Realtek ALC650 Sound with 6-Channel-Support
    Backpanel connectors: Mic-In, Line-in, 6-ch audio out (Center/Bass, Front R/L, Rear R/L), SPDIF out
    onboard connectors: SPDIF-IN, 2x CD in
  • Ethernet:
    10/100/1.000 MBit LAN
    Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Controller (BCM5788KFB)
    Wake on LAN Function (WOL)
  • Firewire (IEEE1394)
    Firewire controller VIA VT6307 provides 2 Firewire ports
    compliant with 1394 OHCI specification rev. V1.0 and V1.1.
    supports 400Mb/s, 200Mb/s, 100Mb/s data transfer rate
    one backpanel and one onboard connector
  • Back Panel-Connectors:
    1 x PS/2-Mouse
    1 x PS/2-Keyboard
    1 x Serial Port
    1 x Parallel Port
    4 x USB 2.0 (4 more onboard)
    1 x Firewire 400
    1 x LAN (1000 MBit/s) RJ45
    1 x Clear CMOS
    Audio: 3 Connectors for 6-Channel Audio (Bass/Center, Front, Rear), also for Line-out/Microphone
    optical SPDIF input and output
    Bracket included in delivery 
  • Onboard-Connectors:
    1 x Floppy
    4 x USB 2.0 (4 more on the back panel)
    1 x Infrared
    3 x Audio front panel connectors (microphone and line-out, 2x5 pin)
    2 x CD-in
    1 x AUX in
    3 x Fan (CPU, AGP, Case)
  • Onboard Buttons
    1 x Power Button
    1 x Reset Button
    (Clear CMOS Button in Backpanel)
  • Memory:
    3x DDR400 184-Pin memory socket
    for PC3200 (DDR400), PC2700 (DDR333), PC2100 (DDR266) or PC1600 (DDR200) unbuffered DDR SDRAM memory
    with 200, 166, 133 or 100MHz clock rate up to 3GB capacity
    es werden folgende Modul-Größen unterstützt: 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB mit 2,5V oder 2,6V
  • Hardware-monitoring
    CPU-temperature, system voltage and fan revolution
  • System BIOS
    licensed Award BIOS V6.0 PG on the 4Mb Flash ROM
    supports Green PC, Desktop Management Interface (DMI)
  • Delivery Content
    Mainboard, Manuals for mainboard, manual for S-ATA Raid-Software, Driver-CDROM, Rear Face Plate (Backpanel bracket), one Flat Cable for IDE-Drives and Floppy each, one Serial-ATA-Cable, one Back Panel Adapter for USB (2x) resp. Firewire (2x) each
  • ATX-Power Connector
    Standard 20-Pin-ATX-Power-Connector + 4-Pin (ATX12V)
  • Form Factor
    ATX: 30.5 x 24.4 cm

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