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Ausgelaufene Mainboards



Socket A for Athlon/XP, Duron
VIA KT333CF/8235 Chipset
Slots: AGP 4X and 5x PCI
USB2.0, ATA133
6-Channel Audio, LAN
3x DIMM for DDR333/266/200
ATX form factor

  • Chipset:
    VIA KT333CF / VIA VT8235
    System clock: 200/266/333 MHz
  • Socket 462 (Socket A) CPU Support:
    AMD Athlon XP, Sempron and Duron processors for socket A with 200/266/333MHz FSB
    supports Thunderbird, Palomino (model 6), T-Bred (model 8) and Barton up to 3000+
    FSB infinitely adjustable: 100...166MHz (in 1 MHz-steps)
    Note: If an Athlon XP processor with 166/333MHz FSB is used, for KT333CF-chipset the DDR333-memory is essential, as only synchronous operation is possible on this setting.
    Burn Proof CPU protection only for AthlonXP
    (CPU Burning Proof)
  • Expansion Slots:
    1 x AGP (v3.0) Slot supports 4X and 2X mode
    Important Note: AGP-Slot supports only 1,5V-mode (3,3V is not supported)
    5 x 32 Bit PCI (v2.2)
  • Onboard IDE Controller
    2-Channel Enhanced PCI IDE
    up to 4 IDE devices
    supports ATA133 (downward compatible)
    with ATA-133-cable
  • Multimedia:
    AC97 2.2 Sound 6-Kanal Sound
    Back panel connectors: line-in, line-out, microphone, MIDI/gameport, line in/out, microphone
    Bracket connector:  Bass/Center, bracket included in delivery
    More line-ins on the mainboard, audio line-in for CD-ROM and AUX.
    Optional accessory: SPDIF-Adapter $$CA10
  • Ethernet:
    10/100MBit LAN
    VIA 6103 chipset
  • Back panel connectors:
    1 x PS/2-mouse
    1 x PS/2-keyboard
    1 x Parallel (SSP/EPP/ECP)
    2 x Serial
    1 x LAN
    2 x USB 2.0 (4 connectors more onboard)
    Audio: line-in, line-out, microphone, MIDI/gameport
  • Onboard-connectors:
    1 x Floppy Drive (up to 2,88 MB)
    4 x USB 2.0 (two more on the back panel)
    1 x Infrared (COM2 can be configurated for infrared communication, IrDA-Adapter not included in delivery)
    1 x WOL (Wake on Lan)
    1 x SPDIF
    2 x Audio front panel connectors (microphone and line-out)
    1 x Bass/Center audio line-out
    2 x CDROM audio line-in
    1 x AUX
    3 x Fan (CPU, AGP, Case)
  • Memory:
    3 x 184-pin for PC1600 (DDR200), PC2100 (DDR266) or PC2700 (DDR333) unbuffered DDR SDRAM memory
    with 100, 133MHz or 166MHz clock frequency up to 3GB capacity
    Note: KT333CF-chipset requires at 166MHz FSB synchronous memory frequency at 166MHz (DDR333) as well.
  • Hardware-monitoring
    CPU-temperature, system voltage and fan revolution
  • Power Management
    ACPI Version 1.0 (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
    supports power saving mode: S1 (snoop), S3 (suspend to RAM), S4 (suspend to DISK), S5 (soft-off)
    On/Off-key with two functions: suspend saving mode / soft-off
    Power on after power fail
  • BIOS
    Award V6.0PG PnP Green BIOS
    stored in 2MBit Flash-memory chip
  • ATX-Power Supply Connector
    Standard 20-Pin-ATX-power supply connector
    With additional 4-pin connector for a better supply of the 12V-bar, a power supply with this connector is not essential for safe operation
  • Form Factor
    ATX, 30,5 x 19,0 cm
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