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  • Full aluminium with massive frontpanel
  • Dimension LBH: 27 x 19 x 17 cm
  • Bays: 1 x 5,25'' (ca 21cm depth) and 2 x 3,5''
  • Power supply: 150 Watt (ca 15,3 x 8,2 x 4,3 cm)
  • Mainboard FV25 with VIA PN133T chipset for Pentium III Tualatin u.a.
  • PCI-Riser-card
  • Connectors for USB and Audio on the frontpanel
  • UL, CSA, MOT and CE certified


Accessories included in delivery

  • Aluminium case with mainboard (FV25) and power supply
  • Installation guide (coloured A3 folder)
  • Manual for mainboard (80 pages)
  • Driver CD-ROM
  • Cable for IDE/ATA-100 and floppy drive
  • Power cord (230V Schuko)
  • PCI-Riser-card
  • Fitting flat-CPU-fan
  • Coloured sticker for backpanel
  • Installation and fixing material


Brief Description of the Mainboard

  • FlexATX-Mainboard, Dimension: 17,5 x 19 cm
  • Socket 370 supports
    FC-PGA/FC-PGA2 Pentium III (256kB Cache) and 
    FC-PGA/FC-PGA2 Celeron and
    VIA C3 750+MHz
    (does not support PGA Celeron up to 533MHz and VIA Cyrix Samuel I)
  • VIA Twister-T chipset (PN133T)
  • Integrated: Savage 2D/3D graphics-function, TV-out, AC'97 sound
  • Two DIMM-Sockets for up to 1GB PC100/133 SDRAM memory
  • More connectors: 1 PCI, 4 USB, 2 ATA-100, 2 x 1394 Firewire


Optional Accessories SV25

Remote Control
Card Reader
USB 2.0 Card

Note for Card Reader PC10: XPC SV25 features no free USB-connector for the card reader, so you will have to do without the front panel connectors if card reader is used.


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