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How do I update (flash) the BIOS (Reprogram the EEPROM)?

Shuttle has released a self-executing auto BIOS flash file (for Award BIOS model only), which can be directly downloaded to a bootable floppy without decompressing from the original ZIP file first.

i. If the BIOS file has the .EXE file extension, you can save it directly to a bootable floppy (without further extraction), restart, boot from Drive A: and at DOS prompt type in the BIOS name to initiate the auto BIOS flash procedure.

ii. If the BIOS file has the .zip extension and the content contains .ROM file and AMI flash utility (amiflash.exe; MV42 and MV43 use AMI Bios) then you need to extract to the entire content to a bootable floppy and type in amiflash (bios name).rom /a manually to flash BIOS.

    For example: amiflash mv43s005.rom /a

iii. For phased out Mainboards, please extract the .bin BIOS file and Award flash utility to a bootable floppy disk, restart, boot from Drive A: and at DOS prompt type Awdflash (bios name).bin to flash BIOS. For advanced users whom wish to clear previous BIOS settings followed by restart type Awdflash (bios name).bin /cc/cd/cp/py/sn/r. After restart, press the DEL key, and then load "Optimized Defaults" in CMOS Setup Utility.

iv. If you would like to create a bootable CD to update/flash BIOS, please follow the steps in the following.

1. Create a bootable CD.
2. Copy all necessary files, such as flash utility and BIOS onto your HDD.
3. Finally, start up your system using a bootable CD and flash bios from HDD.

To reprogram the EEP ROM, please have BIOS file in .bin format ready on a floppy disk and your Mainboard. Then take these to a PC hardware retailer who has an EEP ROM machine and can program it for you. It's faster and cheaper to buy a new EEP ROM.


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