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Mainboard AB30, AB30R

Picture: AB30R
here with RAID function

Picture: CPU socket and
Northbridge with passive cooler


  • Chipset
    Intel '845 for Pentium 4 and Celeron Processors for socket 478
    Memory Control Hub (MCH): Intel 82845 with passive cooler
    I/O Control Hub 2 (ICH2): Intel 82801BA
    Firmware Hub (FWH): 4 MBit Flash EEPROM
  • Socket 478 CPU support
    Intel Pentium 4 Processor (Willamette or Northwood) and P4 Celeron
    with 400MHz FSB (100MHz Quad-Datarate process)
    successfully tested with: P4 Celeron up to 1,8 GHz, P4 (Willamette 256KB Cache) up to 2,2GHz and
    P4 (Northwood 400MHz FSB) up to 2,4GHz
    Usually, there is no need to configure the processor.
    In BIOS you can set up the following parameters manually:
    - FSB BUS adjustment infinitely from 100 up to 166MHz adjustable
    - Vcore-CPU voltage from 1,10 up to 1,85V
    - Multiplier 9x up to 23x
  • Expansion slots
    1 x AGP slot supports 4X mode
    5 x 32 Bit PCI
  • Onboard IDE Controller
    2 Channel Enhanced PCI IDE
    for up to 4 IDE devices
    supports UltraDMA/100
    incl. ATA-100 channel
  • Optional: IDE RAID Controller (only AB30R)
    Chip: Promise 265R, supports RAID mode 0 and 1 (not simultaneously)
    with detailed manual and additional ATA-100 cable
  • Integrated Multi Channel Hardware Audio Function:
    supports 5.1 speaker mode, C3DX Positional Audio in 6 channel speaker mode
    HRTF-3D Positional Audio, supports Direct Sound 3D and A3D interface
    Legacy SBPRO compatible
    Connectors on the backpanel: 
    line-in, line-out, microphone, MIDI/gameport, line in/out
    Connectors on the bracket: 
    for bass/center, bracket included
    By multi channel: Line-Out = front, Line-In = rear and onboard connectors for bass/center
    More line-ins on the mainboard  Audio-in for CD-ROM and AUX.
  • Backpanel connectors
    1 x PS/2 Mouse
    1 x PS/2 Keyboard
    1 x Parallel (SSP/EPP/ECP)
    2 x Serial (16550 compatible, Fifo)
    2 x USB (two further onboard)
    Audio: line-in, line-out, microphone, MIDI/gameport
  • Onboard connectors
    1 x Floppy drive (up to 2,88 MB)
    2 x USB (additional)
    1 x Infrared (COM2 can be used for infrared communication, IrDA-adapter not included in delivery)
    1 x WOL (Wake on Lan)
    4 x Fan
  • Memory
    3 x 168-Pin DIMM-Socket
    supports PC133 SDRAM modules with sizes of 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024MB
    with 100 or 133MHz clock frequency up to 3 GB capacity
  • Hardware monitoring
    CPU temperature, voltages and fan revolution
  • Power Management
    ACPI Version 1.0 (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface)
    supports power saving mode: S1 (Snoop), S3 (Suspend to RAM), S5 (Soft-Off)
    On/Off button with two functions: Suspend mode / Soft-off
  • BIOS
    Award V6.0PG  PnP Green BIOS
    4 MBit Flash EPROM in Intel Firmwarehub (FWH)
  • ATX power supply connector
    Standard 20-Pin-ATX power supply connectors
    Additional 4-Pin connectors for 12V
    Additional 6-Pin connectors for 3,3 and 5V
  • Accessories
    Mainboard with passive Northbridge cooler, IDE cable (ATA-100), floppy cable, bracket adapter for Subwoofer speaker, detailed manual, driver CD-ROM
    AB30R also contains an additional IDE cable for the onboard IDE RAID controller
  • Form Factor
    ATX: 30,5 x 22 cm only.

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